Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's been a while since I have written here, but I have been certainly thinking of a lot of things!  I have, thankfully, come out of the darkness, from my last post.  I have discovered that part of my getting older and approaching menopause involves between 1-4 days each month where I can recognize that I am depressed.  Knowing that is helpful and, praise God, there are months that are depression free!  I know that this too will pass and I will get to the other side.  I am actually trying to enjoy the journey I am on, even with all its warts and bad parts.

Ben and I have been really thinking/seeking/praying about what we think God is calling us to after seminary.  Ben completes his degree program next May, and while that may seem like a long way away, it really isn't when you think about all the things involved in a move...getting a house ready, selling, packing up, etc....

Our prayers have been aimed mostly at God closing doors.  It seems as though all doors are pretty much opened to us right now, and while lots of options may seem like a great thing, we have discovered over the years, that we have a much harder time discerning God's will amongst too many choices.  So...the prayers for closed doors begins.

God is honoring our prayers and beginning to close doors!  I love being in the middle of God's plan and will.  And it looks as though we are getting the starting glimpses of what our life will soon be like after seminary.