Saturday, January 31, 2009

God...and Rudy....and Me

The other day, Ben took the kids to the park and I had a few minutes by myself at home. I did a few things I needed to do and then sat down and decided to see if there was anything fun to watch on tv. I found the last few minutes of the movie Rudy. I had seen it a long time ago and knew that the part I was catching was the best part of the whole movie. So I watched. Cried. Felt good. And then the final scene comes on...all the football players pick up Rudy and put him on their shoulders and carry him off the field.

Something right away snapped in me and I began to wonder if that is what I should feel like everyday as a God is carrying me on His shoulders.

I have been pondering that thought for several days and have decided that maybe by plunking away on this keyboard, I would get some perspective on the answer. I think I am getting that perspective...and I think the answer is YES! He is carrying me everywhere I go. His hands are on me...His eyes are watching over me...His Holy Spirit is guiding me.

Praise God for that!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Inviting Company Sale

For those of you in Little Rock, the Inviting Company is having their sale Feb.5-7! I understand that last time, there wasn't much left by Saturday (half price day), so you'd better get there early on Thursday!

I wish I were there to get things. But I might have to send money up to a friend and have her stand in for me! There are no deals like Inviting Co. deals.

Boy Play?!

I hear the garage going up and down the other day and it is beginning to frustrate me. What is going on? Who is doing that? Why? I run downstairs, go outside, and this is what I see. Kally is pushing the button, while Rainey "rides" the garage door as it opens! Are you kidding me? This is what constitues "boy play" around here. (I need to add that they will never do this again after Ben got spoke to them.) :)

Light Sabre Battle

Rainey came at me with his light sabre, ready to slice through my legs and knock me down to size. Fortunately, I had my light sabre with me, hidden in my pocket! It's always handy to have around...who knows when you're going to be attacked by some alien wanting to hurt you? I must say that I won that battle and still have my legs attached!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rawley's Prayer

This morning before we started school, I asked Darby to pray for our day. Then when she was done, Rawley said he wanted to pray also. So we all bowed our heads and this is what was said just exactly like he said it:

Thank you to our world. Keep us all safe. I am working on school, on my numbers. Keep the numbers safe. I have to do it. Mom makes me. Thank you for the tv. Keep it safe. I like to watch it. It's fun. (At this point Rainey chimes in, "say in Jesus' name, amen.) (Then Rawley continues..) I am not going to say in Jesus' name. I am not done yet.

We all laughed and then I helped him end the prayer. It was pretty funny.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

City of Ember...A Must See

I don't usually recommend a lot of movies, but Ben and I saw one last night that was really good! It was City of Ember. From beginning to end, it was action-packed, interesting, and kept us wanting to watch. There was not one bad word. Not one sex scene. Not one nude/partially nude scene....and yet was captivating.

I would recommend that you rent it...soon.

Monday, January 26, 2009

My Quest...Update

I thought I would update you on my quest to lose a bit of weight. As of Saturday morning, I had lost 7.6 lbs. Though not visible to others, I am noticing a difference in my clothes. I have even been able to get back in to an item or two! quest is successful so far.

Each morning, I get up fairly early and then go downstairs for my quiet time and then I get on the WiiFit. (The kids received a Wii from their aunt and uncle for Christmas.) I do the body test every other day. I must say that my first attempt at the body test had my WiiFit age at 53! But it has been going down steadily, until this morning it was 20! But, I must say that my Mii is quite a round thing. Sad to look at really. Though my weight is going down, it hasn't registered too much yet in how my Mii looks. When I get on WiiFit, I do two yoga exercises, two advanced step aerobics, and then two more yoga exercises. Then in the afternoon, I do 15 more minutes most days.

All in all, it has not been hard, and I can even say it has been kind of fun. We will see how the rest of the quest goes...but wanted to keep you posted on my efforts so far.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Question for Thought

Question posed at Bible study tonight:

Do you really believe that what you believe is really real?

It was said that if we really believed what we say we believe, then we'd change the world. I want to really believe! How about you?

A Bold Act of Terror...Sad Day

I remember how I felt on Sept. 11, 2001. I felt sad, depressed, heavy...thinking that I should be able to go about my normal tasks since there was not one thing I could do...but somehow, I couldn't carry on like normal.

Today I feel the same way. Ben and I received an email last night from a old friend who related to us that her husband, also an old friend of ours, walked out on their marriage of 23 years. They were actually the couple we went through Experiencing God with. They were the couple that, along with another couple, encouraged us the most to join the ministry! We memorized scripture together...we watched each other's children...we ate short, our lives were intertwined. We all loved Christ. The husband was very instrumental in Ben coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus!

How does this happen? How do two people joined together by God become "unjoined"? Just as 9/11 was an act of terror on the part of people hostile to our country; so the disintegration of this marriage is an act of terror on the part of the one who is hostile to our beliefs! Satan is able to provide temptation and circumstances to play on our weaknesses. Sadly, this friend took him up on his lies. The devastation has caused ripples throughout the circle of their friends. We are among the affected. Sad day...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

3=New Do

Apparently turning three required a new Rawley chose the classic mohawk. It's funny because he comes into my bathroom and gets the molding putty out and wants it in his hair. So, I oblige and this is what we get!

Who knew a new do was needed when he was no longer two?

The Things Kids Say

Ben was putting Rawley to bed the other night and they were in the big chair in our room. After singing and prayers, this is the conversation that took place:

Ben: What do pigs say?
Rawley: (normal voice) oink, oink
Ben: What do cows say?
Rawley: (normal voice) moo...
Ben: What do cats say?
Rawley: (normal voice) meow...
Ben: What does Rawley say?
Rawley: (high pitched squeaky voice) I don't want to go to bed!

We thought it was pretty funny!

Peaceful Power

I watched the inauguration yesterday with interest. Not because I voted for Obama and was thrilled to see him sworn in, because I didn't and I wasn't.

What was interesting to me was the peaceful transfer of power. I love that about our country! I see other countries that have riots, mass tortures, heinous acts performed after a new leadership takes over. I have never seen that here!

I watched the Bush's and the Obama's walk down together and then be exceedingly cordial with each other as the Bush's got into the helicopter to head to Andrews AFB to have their final good-byes with their friends. I was impressed with both couples.

Oh, for the next four years to be as cordial...I don't live under that delusion, but it was nice to see yesterday...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Rawley!

Rawley is three years old today! He was certainly a surprise to us; but we love his humor and funny perspective on life. We praise God for giving us Rawley and pray that he grows up to be like David, "a man after God's own heart."

Friday, January 16, 2009

Holy Time

Sitting around in Bible study last night, listening the the women around me talking about to be better Christian to instill godly characteristics in our to help our children to really love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength...these words come up--Holy Time.

Holy Time? Well, it's what many of us already do, but I love calling it this. It's when you, as a parent, sacrifice what you want/need to do to spend time with your children...especially when what they want to do is the least thing you want to do! Don't love imaginary play, but your child does? Sacrificing your time doing something else, your desire to really be doing anything else...that's holy time!

I get to see this played out so many days at our home. Ben, after a long day of computer, work, phone calls, meetings...he calls the kids together and takes them to the park. Not necessarily exactly what he would rather be doing. Or when he yells at the boys "boy play!" and they rush up to our room to wrestle with Papa. (he's actually getting old enough that many times he feels the effects of boy play!) Or on Sundays after church, Ben fixes lunch for the family. (he does this every Sunday!) I witness Holy Time most every day here, and am humbled and blessed by it.

Just as Christ really didn't WANT to get on the cross for me...He asked right before He was taken if God would be willing to take this from Him...could there be another way? Yet, his actions are our example...sacrificing for someone else...HOLY TIME!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Passing of an Era

It has always been sad to me when my kids have gone from saying a word the wrong way, to pronouncing it correctly. You might think it's a bit looney for me to say that, but it's always been so sweet to hear them say something in their own way and then bittersweet to hear them correct themselves as though they have gotten to big to mispronounce a word!

For example:
Bailey (now almost 19) used to say "chippit" for ketchup and, my personal favorite, she called all of her aunts "uncles"! So Uncle Steve was married to "Uncle Karen".

Darby--well Darby has never mispronounced a thing in her life...

Kally--still says "psgetti" for spaghetti and "occidus" for the book of Exodus.

Rainey--used to say "exposed" for supposed until he learned that exposed means naked! He has now corrected himself. (Rawley now runs around naked saying he is exposed!) And instead of saying "floor" he said "thloor". (try saying that, it is quite difficult!)

Rawley--used to say "OoAnn" for his favorite person at church. He has now self corrected to say "It's not OoAnn, Mama. It's WooAnn!" We are all a bit sad that he has added the "woo" knowing that soon enough he will eek out the "L" sound and actually say "LouAnne".

The passing of an era...sad for the Mama. At least he is helping me out and going in steps.

Funny Stuff!

Blogging - Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few.
I was honored last night!

I received an email from a dear friend who asked me to pray with her for a specific area in her life. What an honor to do that! It humbles me when I am sought out for that purpose, and I take it seriously.

To be asked to go before the Creator of the Universe, the Almighty God, the Ancient of Days, Abba Father on someone' behalf....well, it's one of my greatest joys.

So, thanks for asking me, (you know who you are), and please know what joy it brings me to pray for you!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Free Shampoo!

Click on and then click on "suavenomics" and you can fill out a form to receive a coupon for a free bottle of suave products (up to $3.00)! This is good for today only!

I thought y'all might want to know.

Jesus and Shakespeare's Sonnet 116

Yesterday was one of those days of semi-lazing. Semi-lazing, you ask? It means I did do school with my kids; I did make meals; I did play the Wii with them; I did keep my pajamas on all day. I did not shower (did you really need to know this?); I did not do any other chores or tasks; I did not leave the house; I did watch my very own movie all the way through!

The movie I watched was Sense and Sensibility. I love it! I love the scenery. I love the clothing. I love the way the smallest look has the largest of meanings and everyone knows it. So in the movie, MaryAnn, is fond of reading Shakespeare's sonnets. The 116th in particular. At one point, she meets a man, Willoughby, who also loves them, carries around a pocket Shakespeare's Sonnets book, and has the 116th memorized.

The sonnet gets recited several times in the movie and by the final time of recitation, some of the meaning of the sonnet was really hitting me....the beauty of it had already captivated me...but the meaning was worming its way through to my soul.

Sonnet 116
Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:
O no! it is an ever-fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken.
Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle's compass come:
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.
The words: "it is an ever-fixed mark that looks on tempests and is never shaken; it is the star to every wandering bark," This sonnet is not only about love in marriage and how that love is not dependent upon circumstances and events, but it hit me...this is what our love for Jesus is to be like! Love that looks on storms of life and isn't shaken...the light that every wandering heart looks for. That's the love that I want to show to Jesus and to Ben!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If You're Not Part of the Solution...You are Part of the Problem

I am pretty famous for my whining and complaining about a variety of things. You know, like people who purposely get in the wrong lane and then try to squeeze over at the last minute...rude people in general...government bureaucracies...lack of organization....well, the list could go on forever!

Most of the time, I just whine and then move on. Only to whine again the next time I encounter the same situation. And to be honest, usually I don't have any recourse or way to change the situation.

Stop for a minute and let me rewind to last August. We had just moved here and I was headed to church to sign up for the local homeschool co-op. I got there a little before 7pm (the start time), watched the "rules video" and then proceeded to fill out paperwork and get the kids signed up for their Friday classes. Sounds simple doesn't it? Shouldn't be too long in the completing should it? HA! You would be wrong about all that "simple", "fast", and "easy" stuff.

In my normal fashion, I complained, moaned, groaned, in general, made my Christian witness very strong and attractive to others (hope you caught the sarcasm there!). The whole process took me THREE hours! There were lines, and I do mean ridiculous lines, to stand in. Many for preschool kids (which I have), one for older kids (which I also have), one for snack sign up (which I enjoy eating), one for "school" photos (which I really didn't want), one to have my forms looked over to make sure I filled them out correctly (which I couldn't avoid), and then finally the payment line (another non-avoidable line).

I guess I said more than I really should have because pretty soon after co-op started, I was asked to be co-director for this semester! The thought was that maybe I could help fix some of the problems I discovered on registration night. Well, since I usually don't get the opportunity to be part of the solution, I said "yes!" to being co-director.

Fast forward to last was registration night for spring. I had, with tons of Ben's help, put the registration online and people filled it out and emailed it back to me. When they came in, I had their form ready for them. The tables were set up with clear signs so people knew exactly where to go, and lots of information was ready at every table so that most everybody could answer the common questions. There were very short, fast lines! I must say that due to everyone's help, last night was a raving success!

It was great to see where something was and the weaknesses of it and then be privileged to be part of the solution in addressing those weak areas and bringing it to a whole new level. I was honored to work with the team of women who were there last night. They make me better, and as a result, I hope to continue to grow in my witness. Maybe I'll curtail, or dare I say, stop, the whining?

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Guy

It's been said that you should praise in public and chastise in private. Well, this is the most public forum I have to praise my man!

I sat in Sunday School yesterday beaming from ear to ear watching him work. He was teaching for the first time since Little Rock, and he couldn't have been happier! He wasn't happy because he was the one up front...or because he was funny and getting laughs...or because when he asked a question, people responded. He was happy because he was once again able to share what the Bible says about marriage, family, God. He was happy because he was working within his gifting.

Ben was terrific and the Lord spoke through him to all of us. Ben might not have been happier, but I couldn't have been more proud!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

To Read and What to Read?...That is the Question

Our family has begun reading stories aloud on the nights that we eat at our dinner table. You would think that we would eat dinner at our table every night, but we don't, and that's probably info for another blog!

Anyway, when we eat at the table, that's one of the rare times during the day, or even the week, that all seven of us are together. So I try to eat as quickly as I can and then read, while the others are still eating.

This works on a multiple of levels...they eat...they are pretty quiet (also a rarity around here!)...we are all together...I try to pick out fun stories--lots of laughter!

So far, we have read many of the stories of the martyrs of the faith in Jesus Freaks, A View from the Zoo, The Tale of Despereaux and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Most had us laughing at parts and waiting for the next story time! (Not so much funny about the martyrs in Jesus Freaks, as you can imagine! But we were concentrating on other lessons for our kids.)

My question is: any suggestions on books for our family to read? Remember the requirement: it must have some, or a lot, of funny parts. I'm not so upper crust that I think too highly of what are labeled as the "classics" and most of them are not funny at all! I'd love to hear what you think!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Quest

Our family just finished reading The Tale of Desperaux. In this book, Desperaux, a mouse, goes on a quest to save the Princess Pea. He is quite serious about it and his quest is all for love...

I, too, am on a quest. Not a quest for any grand or noble cause; not a quest for love of anyone or honor; not a quest for fame or fortune. I am on a quest in my clothes once again!

I am, like Desperaux, quite serious about it and am doing it for love (in a way), love of not spending my money on something I already have, but are just the wrong size!

Right before Christmas, I started Weight Watchers. The first week is so depressing because all you do is pay, weigh in (and get to see just how large the number actually is!), and go sit and listen at the meeting. But the following weeks, have been a bit better. I have lost a little weight each week. When I use the word "little", I really mean LITTLE, but there is, at least, a negative sign by the number and not a positive sign by it....:) Going the right way at least.

So, this week, I will continue my quest. I will put it in perspective in the list of priorities. (It is NOT my top priority!) But I will endeavor to persevere.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Life In The Fast Lane

If you know me at all, you know that I can't stay idle for long. I think I might have been classified as ADHD in my former life! Of course, in my day, ADHD was labeled BRAT...and I WAS given that label a couple of times! :) But I digress...I am almost always moving...ask Ben! My toes, my feet, my hands, can't sit for too long, etc...

So it shouldn't surprise me, and yet it does, that I have gotten involved in the leadership of our local homeschool co-op! Why? You might ask! You just moved there? Well, the answer is: I don't know! Really!

Right now, while I am blogging, I am supposed to be copying things, working on an excel spreadsheet, and making a meal and snacks for registration for Monday night, and working on several other registration tasks. Not to mention that my family needs to eat dinner and the kids need to get bathed tonight for a busy day tomorrow. It just kind of made me laugh to realize that I am drawn, yet again, to busy, chaos, the never-a-dull-moment kind of life.

I guess that is why God has given me five kids, an awesome husband, and lots of opportunities to use my energy! Gotta go try to check off more things off of my to-do list!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Praise God!

So I am at AWANA last night working, as I usually do with Ben, in Cubbies....just doing what I do when all of a sudden my cell phone rings...odd for it to ring at Cubbies.

I answer it and on the other end is a sweet friend from Little Rock. I haven't heard from her in awhile, so I am wondering what is wrong, for what do I need to pray with her, how can I help. Lots of thoughts slamming around at one time.

Then she zings me! She said, "I am calling you because I thought you'd want to know. Other than my family, you are the first person I am telling."

Do I hear despair in her voice? Do I hear joy? What is it that she needs me to know?

She finally spits it out! "I am pregnant! We will have a baby in August!"

I couldn't be more happy for her! For over a year, she and I have been praying for God to give her and her husband a new little baby. We have been seeking God, searching His Word, and crying out to God in both despair and hope that He would give the gift of life to this lovely couple.
I began at once crying, literally, in praise of what God has done for her!

I am, once again, humbled by the way God reaches down and works so mightily in the lives of such lowly, sinful people. He showed His love in this: that while we were still sinners Christ died for us. For that, and for the new life developing right now, Praise God!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ever Had One of Those Days?

So I am halfway through the day and it is hitting me...I am having to discipline several of my children today. The issues are not one-time, single issues, but rather, issues of the heart. It dawns on me...this will take a while.

It's been a hard day...praying, talking, pointing out, redoing, going to Scripture, asking questions...and that was all without having done school, chores, or Bible study! These were just some of the tools for trying to deal with these heart issues that a couple of my children are struggling with.

I don't know why I am surprised at all of this, but it always hits me like it's never happened before. It happens everyday...but usually within me. When it's with me, I can deal directly with God, or my husband :), the Holy Spirit, and then ask for forgiveness from others. With my children, I feel the need to almost become the Holy Spirit for them. I need them to know how to respond to my authority, obey my commands. If they can't obey an authority figure who is visible and will they ever obey an invisible they have to be still and quiet to hear? One they have to have studied to know His character and His will? The answer is they won't.

That spurs me on to do the hard things as a parent. They have to go from my authority to God's and being on their own...physically and spiritually. They can't rest on my faith or my obedience as they grow up. I think that just be realizing that, I have grown up a little bit too.

MoreFree Movies?

Redbox code: BREAKROOM

I have been told that these two work for today also.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Who Doesn't Like a Free Movie?

I know, three posts in one day...what is going on?! But I thought you might want to know that you can get a free movie from Redbox today.

The code is : BREAKROOM

The way you access it is to 1. find a Redbox (we have them at WalMart, Walgreens, and even McDonalds) 2. On the Home screen in the bottom lefthand corner is a button that says "rent with a promo code", push that button 3. follow the rest of the instructions to rent a movie.

It is free for one night, and though you do have to swipe your card, credit or debit, it only charges you when you bring the movie back. You can get a free movie with the same code for each card you swipe! The movies have to be returned by the next day and can be returned at any Redbox site, not only the one from which you rented.

We used the code today and it did work...enjoy the movie!

SA's Magik Theatre

For those of you who live in the San Antonio area, there is an amazing children's theatre! It's called The Magik Theatre and is downtown. They provide the best, and I do mean the very best deal going! We love going to plays and have wanted to pass that love along to our children. When we only had one child, it was fairly easy to buy tickets to most any production. Now that we have five children...well, you see how much of a loan we'd have to take out to provide live theatre experiences for them!

The Magik Theatre offers a Season Pass where you get 36 tickets for $99! You can use the tickets any way you choose...36 seats at one show, 4 tickets to nine get the point. If I did the math correctly, this comes to less than $3 for a ticket. Normal prices for their productions (individual tickets) run $10 for adults and $8 for children! What a savings!

We have been to several of their productions since the beginning of the season (Sept.) and couldn't have had a better time. We are going again this Saturday to see Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business. We anticipate having a marvelous time and I would highly recommend you getting a Season Pass to the Magik Theatre!

The Blessings Box

Ben and I were trying to come up with a way for our kids to recognize the blessings in their lives. How to do that? We racked our brains with various ideas, then stumbled upon this. It sounded like it might work and be know...easy to manage. We really need easy-to-manage around here or else good, even great, ideas fall by the wayside and we don't see things through!

What is this idea, you might ask? The Blessings Box! We had this clear lucite box around doing our the way back of the the dark recesses of the shed...We put the box by our kitchen table and placed a basket with sheets of pre-cut paper in it. All through the day, we can grab a sheet of paper and write down a particular blessing. I have seen the kids write the words "playscape" and "Wii" on it. I will write "rain" today as we finally are getting some much needed rain around here.

The point of all this is two-fold: 1. for us to be able to see most everything in our lives as blessings, and 2. on New Year's Day 2010, we will gather our family together and pull some of the papers at random and remember what has happened in 2009 to the DeBusk family! Our version of stones of remembrance. We want to be able to point back to what God has done for us. We pray it gives our kids, and oh yea, us a perspective on life and how God intervenes daily in our lives!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Here's what my kids had today for breakfast. They have asked for it again soon! I view that as a supreme success. Ben actually created this about a year after we were married. We used to make the meals together and Ben loved to experiment with foods where you could do no wrong. (Like eggs, biscuits, etc.) Why do I keep sharing these things with you? I have no idea, really, but some part of me thinks you might be interested in what has worked in my home. Could I be more goofy in my thinking?...hmmm...don't answer and just see what I made this morning. :)
Start with eggs, can biscuits, Pam (not shown, though did I really need to tell you that?), muffin tin.
Open up the biscuits and flatten them out. Could this picture be any darker?
Turn the muffin tin upside down and spray liberally with the Pam. Then place the flattened biscuits over the bottoms. They will want to snap back, but you just keep working with them and eventually they mind you! (unlike my children lately!)

Bake them as the directions on the can explain. They come out looking like little, shallow, cups.
This is where the eggs come in. Scramble them up and place them in the bowl! Voila! A one dish meal! You could add sausage, cheese, salsa, etc and make it a bit more "gourmet". They enjoyed it so much that when my parents came over this evening, they went on and on telling them about it.
Anyway, just in case you were interested in our food habits!

They Paid Me to Take it Out of the Store!

So on Sunday afternoon, I am flipping through the sale papers for the week. I get the the Walgreens paper and, WHAM!, on the front page I see they have most Garnier Fructis products on sale for 99 cents a piece! That in and of itself is an amazing deal, but I went several steps further up the "good deal" ladder. I had been cutting the GF coupons for a while and this was the week it was all going to pay off! I had $1.00 off coupons for 1 item---31 of them! So Ben took me to Walgreens and I loaded the cart up with GF products! He was a bit embarrassed and not really sure that it was going to work, but it did! We got up to the counter, rang out, got the Walgreens original deal (99 cents) and then used the 31 coupons. Total? They owed me 31 cents! They actually owed me one penny for each item! How's that for good dealin'? The picture above is one of what we actually bought. My receipt says: Savings...$135.68!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

If You Start the Class, They Will Come

After desperately missing teaching in the young marrieds SS class in Little Rock (we miss all of you so much!), Ben and I (mostly Ben) started a new SS class here for marriage and parenting! Our church had a shameful lack of classes during the second hour of church, so Ben created this one. It was awesome to see him planning, meeting with others for prayer, preparing, etc...

We had no clue as to how many people would come so I baked/cooked several things and Ben ran off agendas, we set up tables and chairs, and then waited.

Remember the line: "If you build it, they will come"? Well, this was "If you start that class, they will come"! It was incredible! There were 40 people there! That's right, I said 40! We know of at least two couples who couldn't be there today and will be there next week. There was even one couple who told the preschool director that they need to be moved to teaching a different hour so that they can attend the class!

God is so faithful, generous, and certainly provided beyond what we could imagine or dream! Praise God!

Friday, January 2, 2009

One Proud Mama

When our kids turn 10, they have two new jobs added to their list of "things to do around here". One is to do their own laundry. The other is to fix a meal for the family once a week. They have to find a recipe, get the list of ingredients to me, and then prepare it. Darby turned 10 last year, but with the move and the chaos, we haven't really begun the meal chore, but tonight changed all that! (Though I must say that move and chaos or not, I have made her do her own laundry. What a blessing!) Darby found a recipe for roasted chicken and she made it with a bit of supervision from me. I must say it turned out completely yummy, delicious, and tender! The whole family loved it. She paired it with rice and peas, and voila!, the meal was complete!

There were two chickens, one stuffed under the skin with rosemary, and the other with lemon. The rosemary one was subtle and most of the family liked that one best. I liked the rosemary, but I think I preferred the zing of the lemon chicken. There was a definite tang to it! She rubbed it with just the right amount of salt.
Complete meal: chicken, rice, peas, and Rawley ready and waiting for it all!
Darby, I am so proud of you! I can't wait to see what you pick and prepare for next week!

Eggs with a Bonnet

My clan really likes the meals where I do something different and a bit goofy. So, in the vain of "different" and "goofy", I introduce you to what we call Eggs with a Bonnet.You need: bread, eggs, butter, and a cookie cutter.

Butter both sides of the bread and use the cookie cutter to cut out the center of the bread.
Separate the cut out from the rest of the bread.
Place both pieces of bread on a griddle.
Break an egg into the cut out of the bread.
Cook on one side and then flip over to cook on the other side. Make sure you are toasting the inside pieces at the same time.
Put on plate with the part that was cut out on the top of the egg like a "bonnet".

Thursday, January 1, 2009

This Made Me Laugh

Ben and I like to sit outside and share a cup of coffee..ok, really we are not sharing a cup of coffee, I drink either hot tea or hot chocolate and Ben has his very own cup of coffee! So we looked at the weather and determined that it was just nice enough to sit out and have our daily date.

We make our respective drinks and go out. I am comfortable, but Ben decides that he is cold, so he steps back in to get something to keep him warmer. This is what I got to sit and look at and speak to this morning...kept me smiling the whole time. Don't know why it made me laugh, but it did and I thought I would share it on this New Year's Day 2009!
This is one of those "As Seen on Tv" snugglie! Ben has it on backwards (opening in the front instead of the back as in a hospital gown), but I must say, it works just like on TV!
Hope this makes you smile a bit too!