Monday, January 5, 2009

Here's what my kids had today for breakfast. They have asked for it again soon! I view that as a supreme success. Ben actually created this about a year after we were married. We used to make the meals together and Ben loved to experiment with foods where you could do no wrong. (Like eggs, biscuits, etc.) Why do I keep sharing these things with you? I have no idea, really, but some part of me thinks you might be interested in what has worked in my home. Could I be more goofy in my thinking?...hmmm...don't answer and just see what I made this morning. :)
Start with eggs, can biscuits, Pam (not shown, though did I really need to tell you that?), muffin tin.
Open up the biscuits and flatten them out. Could this picture be any darker?
Turn the muffin tin upside down and spray liberally with the Pam. Then place the flattened biscuits over the bottoms. They will want to snap back, but you just keep working with them and eventually they mind you! (unlike my children lately!)

Bake them as the directions on the can explain. They come out looking like little, shallow, cups.
This is where the eggs come in. Scramble them up and place them in the bowl! Voila! A one dish meal! You could add sausage, cheese, salsa, etc and make it a bit more "gourmet". They enjoyed it so much that when my parents came over this evening, they went on and on telling them about it.
Anyway, just in case you were interested in our food habits!


Melissa Williams said...

That's a neat idea. I might make those this weekend for Luke and me. We need to spice up breakfast other than cereal. Although, Luke does make pancakes from time to time. Thanks for the ideas. I LOVE them! I'm also loving all those inviting company plates I'm seeing 8)

Cheryl Landes said...

What a creative Mom you are. Such an inspiration!!!