Thursday, January 8, 2009

Praise God!

So I am at AWANA last night working, as I usually do with Ben, in Cubbies....just doing what I do when all of a sudden my cell phone rings...odd for it to ring at Cubbies.

I answer it and on the other end is a sweet friend from Little Rock. I haven't heard from her in awhile, so I am wondering what is wrong, for what do I need to pray with her, how can I help. Lots of thoughts slamming around at one time.

Then she zings me! She said, "I am calling you because I thought you'd want to know. Other than my family, you are the first person I am telling."

Do I hear despair in her voice? Do I hear joy? What is it that she needs me to know?

She finally spits it out! "I am pregnant! We will have a baby in August!"

I couldn't be more happy for her! For over a year, she and I have been praying for God to give her and her husband a new little baby. We have been seeking God, searching His Word, and crying out to God in both despair and hope that He would give the gift of life to this lovely couple.
I began at once crying, literally, in praise of what God has done for her!

I am, once again, humbled by the way God reaches down and works so mightily in the lives of such lowly, sinful people. He showed His love in this: that while we were still sinners Christ died for us. For that, and for the new life developing right now, Praise God!

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Jill said...

Oh how wonderful!!!! Nothing is better than sharing God's blessing with your prayer partners.