Friday, January 16, 2009

Holy Time

Sitting around in Bible study last night, listening the the women around me talking about to be better Christian to instill godly characteristics in our to help our children to really love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength...these words come up--Holy Time.

Holy Time? Well, it's what many of us already do, but I love calling it this. It's when you, as a parent, sacrifice what you want/need to do to spend time with your children...especially when what they want to do is the least thing you want to do! Don't love imaginary play, but your child does? Sacrificing your time doing something else, your desire to really be doing anything else...that's holy time!

I get to see this played out so many days at our home. Ben, after a long day of computer, work, phone calls, meetings...he calls the kids together and takes them to the park. Not necessarily exactly what he would rather be doing. Or when he yells at the boys "boy play!" and they rush up to our room to wrestle with Papa. (he's actually getting old enough that many times he feels the effects of boy play!) Or on Sundays after church, Ben fixes lunch for the family. (he does this every Sunday!) I witness Holy Time most every day here, and am humbled and blessed by it.

Just as Christ really didn't WANT to get on the cross for me...He asked right before He was taken if God would be willing to take this from Him...could there be another way? Yet, his actions are our example...sacrificing for someone else...HOLY TIME!


Gregg Stutts said...

That's really good, Lisa. Thank you.

Jill said...

Love it, and glad to know it has a name!!!