Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Passing of an Era

It has always been sad to me when my kids have gone from saying a word the wrong way, to pronouncing it correctly. You might think it's a bit looney for me to say that, but it's always been so sweet to hear them say something in their own way and then bittersweet to hear them correct themselves as though they have gotten to big to mispronounce a word!

For example:
Bailey (now almost 19) used to say "chippit" for ketchup and, my personal favorite, she called all of her aunts "uncles"! So Uncle Steve was married to "Uncle Karen".

Darby--well Darby has never mispronounced a thing in her life...

Kally--still says "psgetti" for spaghetti and "occidus" for the book of Exodus.

Rainey--used to say "exposed" for supposed until he learned that exposed means naked! He has now corrected himself. (Rawley now runs around naked saying he is exposed!) And instead of saying "floor" he said "thloor". (try saying that, it is quite difficult!)

Rawley--used to say "OoAnn" for his favorite person at church. He has now self corrected to say "It's not OoAnn, Mama. It's WooAnn!" We are all a bit sad that he has added the "woo" knowing that soon enough he will eek out the "L" sound and actually say "LouAnne".

The passing of an era...sad for the Mama. At least he is helping me out and going in steps.


Alisa Cornelison said...

I totally understand. I think it's adorable when Greyson mispronounces a word. When he says "magician" it sounds like "nutrition" but we know exactly what he means :)

Gregg Stutts said...

I love that post!

My dad never did realize he didn't actually have a "prostrate" gland.

And thanks for your encouragement and prayers. I'll let you know what happens with the car situation.


Jennifer said...

I can relate! Hannah is going through the same transition! :( I think it is funny that Kally says psgetti, I used to say spaghetti the exact same way! I can't remember how old I was when I stopped. I guess it is more common than I originally thought.

Lisa said...

You mean it's not pronounced "pasgetti"?! ;-)

- Ben D.

Jill said...

Brad's grandmother always calls my niece Zophie instead of Sophie...she's 83.