Friday, January 9, 2009

Life In The Fast Lane

If you know me at all, you know that I can't stay idle for long. I think I might have been classified as ADHD in my former life! Of course, in my day, ADHD was labeled BRAT...and I WAS given that label a couple of times! :) But I digress...I am almost always moving...ask Ben! My toes, my feet, my hands, can't sit for too long, etc...

So it shouldn't surprise me, and yet it does, that I have gotten involved in the leadership of our local homeschool co-op! Why? You might ask! You just moved there? Well, the answer is: I don't know! Really!

Right now, while I am blogging, I am supposed to be copying things, working on an excel spreadsheet, and making a meal and snacks for registration for Monday night, and working on several other registration tasks. Not to mention that my family needs to eat dinner and the kids need to get bathed tonight for a busy day tomorrow. It just kind of made me laugh to realize that I am drawn, yet again, to busy, chaos, the never-a-dull-moment kind of life.

I guess that is why God has given me five kids, an awesome husband, and lots of opportunities to use my energy! Gotta go try to check off more things off of my to-do list!


Melissa Williams said...

Haven't you heard, "Idle hands are the devils handiwork!" I try to live by that daily. I love being busy all the time...whether its doing things for other people or our family. It does make things crazy at times though huh!

Lisa said...

I've also heard that, "The devil loves a busy Christian." If we pack our days with activities, chores, and general busyness, we don't really have time to "Be still and know I am God!"

- Ben D.