Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Old Business/New Business

Have I shared the change in Ben's work? I can't really remember now if I have or haven' I am going to share now (or repeat).

Many months ago, Ben began to wonder if it would be possible to move from Campus Crusade for Christ and be "hired" by our church. Our church has been in a state of flux for some time. Many of the staff had left, or was in the process of leaving, and there were major holes. Though there are definite benefits of some professional staff leaving---makes folks step up to do what they would like accomplished--there were things that were falling through the cracks.

Then seminary started and the workload got crazy! Not hard necessarily, but a lot! The idea of moving to the church began looking even better. We began to approach our supporters wondering if they would move their support to our church for two or three years while Ben was in seminary. Ben would then move into an office at the church, work part time for the church as a small groups and adult Bible study pastor, and then be able to study part time in the quiet of the church.

God was gracious and led most of our supporters and many new ones to support us in this new endeavor!

On April 1st, Ben moved into his new office at Northeast Bible Church. He is officially the Pastor of Connection and Small Groups. (So much for my swearing that I would never be a pastor's wife!) He is in the process of beginning to re-start the once vibrant small groups we had, setting up and executing training for leaders, and meeting the new members and visitors and helping them get connected. He has much quieter surroundings in which to study and when he comes home....he is home! No work, no school!

We are still considered Associate Staff with Campus Crusade's Military Ministry. We still do some things for them. Right now, Ben is teaching the Fireproof Your Marriage material on Sunday nights on Randolph Air Force Base. It's going very well! So, we haven't taken our hands out of it completely.

The question we get asked is: "What are you going to do after seminary?" Yea....good question. We don't know. We are waiting for God's leading. We know He has led us this far and that's all we are concerned about at the moment. He will reveal the rest at the right time. We are set for anything!

We have been in awe of God's mercy and grace once again on us! (And, I am back to sending in snacks once a week...which I love!)

Monday, April 26, 2010

God is at Work!

God has done some mighty works here recently.

1. After two years, He sold our house in Little Rock. I mean, it's not just "sold", but we have closed the whole deal! It's done...over....kaput...finished! I don't know the reason for waiting for two years, but I am sure grateful that it's done now. Thank you Jesus!

2. The Beth Moore, "So Long, Insecurity", simulcast is over! And it was a whopping success. We had 175 women...the day was the most perfect day ever...the lunches showed up on time...there were 28 kids in childcare...the music was terrific...the talk was could feel the Holy Spirit move through the place! I am truly grateful at the hand of God on that event. It went off without a hitch, perfectly smooth. Thank you Jesus!

3. My parents 50th anniversary party is coming along nicely. With my SIL's help and expertise, the details are turning from ideas into reality. I can't wait. Thank you Jesus!

4. Our homeschool co-op is growing very big, very fast. We are in the planning of how to handle that, but as I send out emails to see if certain teachers are returning, even though this is extremely early!, I am getting such positive emails back that I can't help but smile! Fun to see God work! Thank you Jesus!

God is faithful! Thankfully His mercies are new every morning and I am the recipient of those blessings daily!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Gluten Update

Went to the doctor today for blood work and get a full Celiac's blood screen. That will take a while to get back, but the doctor felt like in the meantime, based on my personal results from the elimination diet and going back on gluten for these last two weeks, and my symptoms, that I should go back on a gluten free diet.

The doctor felt like I would probably need to stay on some sort of gluten free (or almost free) diet based on my symptoms, but did want to see me in a month after results are definitely in and then we can look at the numbers and see what all of it means.

Thanks for your prayers and so many words of encouragement! I treasure them dearly!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crazy Little Thing Called Life


I am trying to keep my head above water right now. I'm not quite drowning, but am oh, so close!

Just thought I'd fill you in on this thing I call "my life"....I'm needing to share a bit.

I crazily did all I could to bring the Beth Moore simulcast to our church and it was approved and though there are many that can help the day of, I am pretty much doing the before work by myself. That is happening on the 24th of this month. 150 women have bought tickets and are expecting to get something for their money!

Our homeschool group has an annual Gala for 6th graders and above AND their clothes have to be purchased and since the theme is Renaissance Masquerade, Ben, Darby, and I also need masks to wear. Plus making sure childcare is taken care of for the rest of the kiddos. This is on May 7.

Then on May 10, my brother, his wife, Ben, and I are hosting my parents 50th wedding anniversary. So decisions have had to be made about pictures, cakes, floral arrangements, invitations have had to go out, etc....

May also brings when I take over as women's ministry chairperson at our church.

June 1 is the beginning our summer Bible studies for women's ministry and I am partnering with another gal to teach a parenting class.

June 5th brings the annual used book sale for our homeschool co-op that I am in charge of. Lots of planning and work to get it done, but it ends up being fabulous!

June 7 is our first summer meeting that families have to attend to participate in co-op for the fall. It is a huge meeting...lots of info and lots of things already need to be ready for that meeting!

Homeschooling continues here until April 30 and then we break for a bit. Getting the girls ready for camp (Darby is going to two camps) and remembering that I also have a husband who needs the best hours of my day...not the leftovers!

Whew! I am tired just reading it...and at the same time I am energized (mostly) by it. God wired me to be able to do several things...but I do think I have bitten off a bit more than I can chew this time. By the grace of God, things are getting done, and really getting done well...but only because God is cradling me in His hands and taking care of so many details I don't even know about. I do think God has a special place for the slow of thought...and I am certainly one of those!

What's your day look like today?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Funny

The other night, the kids had gone to bed and Ben and I were up watching TV. We hear feet on the stairs and look up and there is Kally. She says in a pretty plain, clear voice, "Rainey is playing with his toys. I have told him to stop. I am not playing with the toys."

Our house is of such solid construction that we hear most every breath that is taken, so we knew that no toys were being played with. It dawned on us that she was asleep. Ben had a little fun with her and she quickly woke up enough to know that she had been sleeping and went back to bed.

That's when it hit me! She was tattling even in her sleep!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gluten Update

So I completed my gluten elimination diet. It was rough at first, but got a bit easier. May I say that gluten free things are so expensive!

Anyway...I am now back on gluten and going through what is called a "gluten challenge". I will do this for about 10 days and then go to the doctor and demand a blood test. I am not feeling so well back on gluten and most of the symptoms had severely subsided on the elimination diet.

The constant headache is back as are many other symptoms along with a few new ones.

So....I think that I have gluten issues!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bailey's Day

Bailey with Pinkalicious
At lunch: Mama, Rawley, and Kally
My brother and his family gave Bailey this frozen bottle of water. Hidden inside was a small key!

Once she got the key out of the frozen water...she used it to open this money box! Gives a new meaning to cold cash, doesn't it?
What girl actually asks for an iron and ironing board? Well...that would be Bailey!
Oma and Opa (my parents)! So great to be at every birthday!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

No Longer a Teen! Where Has The Time Gone?

My firstborn, Bailey, turns 20 today! I am stunned at how quickly the time has gone by! I have loved each and every moment with her. I tried to get pics to represent each of her ages, but as you can imagine, most of our pics of her are touchable...stored in a box in my room. I am not so adept at scanning. So all the pics, except for the first one are of more recent vintage, but you'll get an idea of who she is.

Bailey is not quite 2 in this pic! Love that smile.

Ben and Bailey at a SS class fellowship.

Bailey and her very pregnant mama at Disney World.

Bailey ready to go to one her many formals! Poor, poor unsocialized homeschool kids...

Bailey and her reaction when she realized that this is her surprise 16th birthday present...thanks to grandparents!

Bailey and her reaction to her surprise 15th birthday party. We really pulled it off!

The quintessential, confident, playful.

She is also a great woman of God...a great daughter and friend. She has been my friend for many years and I can only pray that it goes on for many, many more!

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl! I have apologized to you many times for your being the first one...the experiment...the trial...but God has honored our attempt and produced a fabulous woman!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bluebonnet Pictures 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

To Remember or Not To Remember?

Daddy has Alzheimer's.

It's cruel.
It's sweet.
It's sad.
It's funny.
It's making me slow down.
It's making me want to speed things up.

I love my daddy so much! He and I have had a special relationship for as long as I can remember. The funny thing is that my brother can say the exact same thing. Easy really...we only had one boy and one girl in our family.

I have always called him "daddy" has never crossed my mind that I might be too old to call him that. I think he has loved it that I haven't changed it to "dad".

I've never heard daddy raise his voice...never! But that didn't mean that he was never angry or that I never got disciplined....on the contrary...

I remember daddy coming home from work early one day and I didn't know why. He told me that he was taking me somewhere and I needed to get in his truck. I was home for the summer after my freshman year of college. I got in his truck and he got a grin, more of a smirk really, on his face. We pull up to a store and he tells me to pick out whatever color of Justin Roper boot I want! I had been wanting a pair forever it seemed. So...I came home with the reddest pair of boots ever. I still have them and love when I get the opportunity to wear them.

Just felt the need to write down a few things about this. I will probably write more in the coming months as things progress. I don't know what God is up to with this Alzheimer's business...but I don't want to miss it by being so depressed and upset, whiney and mopey about it all. I want to relish the great moments and be sustained through the difficult times.