Thursday, April 8, 2010

No Longer a Teen! Where Has The Time Gone?

My firstborn, Bailey, turns 20 today! I am stunned at how quickly the time has gone by! I have loved each and every moment with her. I tried to get pics to represent each of her ages, but as you can imagine, most of our pics of her are touchable...stored in a box in my room. I am not so adept at scanning. So all the pics, except for the first one are of more recent vintage, but you'll get an idea of who she is.

Bailey is not quite 2 in this pic! Love that smile.

Ben and Bailey at a SS class fellowship.

Bailey and her very pregnant mama at Disney World.

Bailey ready to go to one her many formals! Poor, poor unsocialized homeschool kids...

Bailey and her reaction when she realized that this is her surprise 16th birthday present...thanks to grandparents!

Bailey and her reaction to her surprise 15th birthday party. We really pulled it off!

The quintessential, confident, playful.

She is also a great woman of God...a great daughter and friend. She has been my friend for many years and I can only pray that it goes on for many, many more!

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl! I have apologized to you many times for your being the first one...the experiment...the trial...but God has honored our attempt and produced a fabulous woman!


Jill said...

Happy Birthday, to Bailey!!!! Such a sweet sweet girl!

Amber said...

What a sweet post to one sweet girl! I can't believe your 'baby' is 20...what an exciting birthday!