Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Skin on Skin Part 2

I was able to see this "skin on skin" concept lived out last week. I was in Little Rock and was privileged to go out to breakfast one morning with my friend, Lisa. During our normal routine of eating, making fun of how she orders food, etc...I began to share some struggles I have been having...not major things, but nuisances big enough for me to blab. Lisa was able to redirect me, point me to true north, and remind me of who I am and whose I am!

Skin on skin lived out. I left breakfast warmed, thriving, and ready to begin this journey called "life" once again. Thanks, Lisa!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Skin on Skin

I have been thinking about when my kids were born. At some point, while I was in the hospital with each one of them, I was told that their temperature was a bit low. To solve this problem, the nurse had me completely undress my baby and place him (or her) against me, skin on skin.

It always seemed a bit strange to me. Seemed like the baby would be warmer by bundling up in more clothes or blankets.....but that's not what worked. What worked was both of us becoming completely vulnerable and getting as close together as possible. Very quickly, we both could feel the effects of this skin on skin method. We became like toaster ovens and soon, my baby would be out of danger and thriving again.

Isn't that like the life that God has designed us to live? We tend to think that when we aren't doing well, that we can just isolate and bundle up more and somehow warm ourselves up enough that we get ourselves out of danger and thrive again. But we couldn't be more wrong! God wants us to live in community...accountability and mentoring. HE wants us to become vulnerable and live so closely with others that we warm each other, get each other out of danger, and thrive again...all done skin on skin.

Who are you helping to thrive? Who is helping you? Try living skin on skin and see how God warms you up enough to really live!!!!