Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Skin on Skin Part 2

I was able to see this "skin on skin" concept lived out last week. I was in Little Rock and was privileged to go out to breakfast one morning with my friend, Lisa. During our normal routine of eating, making fun of how she orders food, etc...I began to share some struggles I have been having...not major things, but nuisances big enough for me to blab. Lisa was able to redirect me, point me to true north, and remind me of who I am and whose I am!

Skin on skin lived out. I left breakfast warmed, thriving, and ready to begin this journey called "life" once again. Thanks, Lisa!!!

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Sara Hull said...

Tough one - being vulnerable! It is so much easier just to revel in the laughter, enjoy someones company and keep it light! But you left with a much deeper blessing by risking being vulnerable! I need to remember that! And, somehow, teach it to my children!