Thursday, September 29, 2011

Far-From-Ordinary part 2

God closed the door on my friend yesterday. What should have been relief, humanly speaking, washing over, knowing that my friend didn't have to go through something so scary, potentially, was actually sadness! The whole family was sad.

So amazing....yet another proof that my friend is extremely extraordinary and that God is doing something very special in the life of this family. I am proud to know them!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Far-From-Ordinary Friend

Ever had the feeling that God was calling you to do something, but that something scared you to death? Ever kept on doing it God's way, in spite of the fear?

I have a friend who is going through that right now. This friend has a nudging from God, has begun the process of looking into what God has presented, and has moments of sheer terror! My friend is extraordinary! Though that is the farthest thought from my friend's mind! Extraordinary is not the word that would be selected by my friend, but rather, ordinary, average.

The way my friend is seeking the Lord's wisdom and will, no matter the result, even in the midst of frightening possibilities....well, in my book, that is truly amazing, inspirational, and extraordinary!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Marriage has been the topic of more discussions than I care to think about lately. Mostly, the conversations have been sad....tales of couples we know who are no longer couples anymore....or major failings on the part of one of the spouses. Sadness and depression everywhere! It is very distressing.

What is happening? There are even some "big" marriages that are out there for everyone to see, that are troubled.

Ben is in seminary and is finishing up his second year. This past almost two years, has been the toughest on our marriage. It has taken up so much time....has provided much more stress than we have experienced ever! BUT....though it's been tough, there is no other option for us than to stay married. We persevere through the hard times to come out stronger and better on the other side.

So we are surrounded with all things marriage these days. We will persevere and we will survive....not only for us, but for our children, and for the people who watch us as we live out our marriage.

And it will all be to the glory of God!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Humbling

Humility has never been my strength. I have always had too much pride, even when I really had no reason to be prideful.

Over the years, as I have gotten older, I have noticed that God is working on me in this area. I have been praying for HIM to help me without the lesson being too painful, and HE has generously answered that prayer.

But I must say that the latest situation HE has put me in is the hardest so far. I am taking karate alongside Rawley, our 5 year old. Twice a week, he and I go to class. We start class together and then quickly after, we are taken away with some of the more advanced students to learn the basics. Rawley and I are not together in this process. Some of the more advanced students who help me are 9 years old! They walk by me and tell me, nicely, that my belt is tied incorrectly. I humbly untie my belt and tie it correctly and then say thank you. ouch! Then, as I am fumbling through the basic moves, I have another youngster repositioning my fist, telling me to straighten my back leg, to stop scooping my hand, etc... Each time, I look him in the eye and say thank you, and try again.

I have never been in this position and it's an interesting place to be. But I know that God has placed me here for a reason and, not only will I eventually get better at karate, I will also get even better at humility and showing grace in difficult situations.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Ugly Things I Have Learned About Myself

I've learned a lot about myself in the last days. Most of it not so great. I've learned that I am a bit mopey when I am not happy about something or don't get my way. I've learned that I use silence to attempt to hold power over people (that I learned from my parents growing up). I've learned that I am excessively self absorbed and selfish and tend to turn things going on with others into something about me.

Why am I like that? I don't like any of those traits when I see them in why do I somehow think they are acceptable in myself?

I don't have the answers, but I am now much more cognizant of the problem and will be working on it! I want to model much better behavior for my children. I want to be much more pleasant to my husband (and others). I want to be a much better representative of Christ to the world!