Friday, September 2, 2011

Ugly Things I Have Learned About Myself

I've learned a lot about myself in the last days. Most of it not so great. I've learned that I am a bit mopey when I am not happy about something or don't get my way. I've learned that I use silence to attempt to hold power over people (that I learned from my parents growing up). I've learned that I am excessively self absorbed and selfish and tend to turn things going on with others into something about me.

Why am I like that? I don't like any of those traits when I see them in why do I somehow think they are acceptable in myself?

I don't have the answers, but I am now much more cognizant of the problem and will be working on it! I want to model much better behavior for my children. I want to be much more pleasant to my husband (and others). I want to be a much better representative of Christ to the world!


Amber said...

You are so hard on yourself! Glad you are reflecting, but know that you have been a wonderful example for several ladies in our SS class and we think "What would Lisa say or do" quite often! :0)

Mike Gallagher said...

I appreciate your transparency.

Anonymous said...

supposing we are like that because we are still confined to a "flesh-bag" complete with a sin nature. It will always be enemies with God and our new nature, making war constantly until we are released at Christ's return. This said, daily we choose to rely on God and His Spirit for our strength, hope, and the change we so desperately need. This is a lesson I hope to teach my children. We will never make perfection until heaven, until then we practice reliance on God and celebrate with gratitude the grace and forgiveness given. Marching the cross (daily).