Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ready To Face The World

We have tried over the years to expose our children to things of the world when they are the right age to handle it. We aren't always successful...but we have tried. Not to hide them from the world or isolate them forever...but to truly give them worldly truths when they are able to deal with it in an age-appropriate manner.

This week, our oldest has now been exposed to the reality of insurance, car wrecks, police reports, etc. She was involved in an accident that was not her fault. But, boy!, is she feeling the effects of the poor decision on the other driver's part.

Our daughter had a car, though not her uber favorite, was in excellent condition, ran well, not a junker, worked perfectly for her purposes! The insurance company has now deemed her car a total loss as it would cost more to fix it than it is worth. That is the problem....the harsh reality she is now ready for...the exposure we would have hidden from her earlier. She was sucked into another's sin and she is going to have to come up with the extra to find a new car.

Frustrating though it is, she is now ready for this and, I must say, is handling it beautifully! I am proud of her reactions and how she is dealing with all of this. Just like we don't expect babies to begin reading because we know that they aren't ready for it, we also should be careful of what we expose our kids to early because they just might not be ready for it.

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