Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I love being generous! Though being given gifts is not necessarily my top love language (but I do love a good gift!), I LOVE giving gifts! It brings me joy beyond all else.

Even as a little girl, I would tape quarters in handwritten notes to my mom. :)

Though we don't live on much, financially, God has always allowed us to be able to give to others. I am thrilled that my husband has the same view on giving as I do!

Yesterday, my husband had the opportunity to speak with someone about their financial situation. He had the ability to say, "I'll pray about that for you." or to give lots of ideas on how this person could help themselves. Though he did all of the above, it also dawned on him that we could help out also! We had the ability to do that for him. Why wouldn't we do that?

Josh McDowell once spoke about a time when he was speaking with someone who needed a car desperately. Josh said that he would pray about that and hoped that the Lord would answer with the provision of a car. When Josh got home, it dawned on him that he didn't even need to pray about that! He and his wife had a car that they didn't use and could easily give the person who needed one. God had already provided!

That's how Ben and I feel so often. We don't even need to pray about something that it is within our means and ability to provide! God has blessed us so often over the years in allowing us to be the ones to provided for others' needs!

How about you? What are you "praying" about that could already be answered through you?

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