Sunday, June 28, 2009

Big and Small Blessings!

Most days I am grateful for the small kids saying "please" and "thank you", my husband getting a sweet tea refill at Bill Miller's, and the bubbly voice of my daughter when she is excited about something...

But today, I am pretty excited about something that is HUGE in the DeBusk household!....Rawley went to church in his underwear, didn't have any accidents, went to the actual bathroom in his classroom, and has done the same at home for the 4 hours since church!

Praise God! That is huge!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tongue/Mind Disconnect

So..what happens when my tongue keeps going even after my mind has figured out that what I am saying is not the thing to say? answer for you...I am really wondering!!! It is a frequent occurence with me, though much less than it used to be, praise God!

Still working it out. How about you?

Friday, June 26, 2009

What a Way to Go

Being a child of the late 60's, 70's, and 80's, I was stunned when just a couple of days ago, Ed McMahon died, then yesterday Farrah Fawcett AND Michael Jackson. Three big names from my era. Ed McMahon was older and it just seemed more normal to hear of his passing. But Farrah and Michael...well, they were cases that seemed "before their time"...they were younger, not quite in that age group of "oh! It was their time to go."

Why when people die, do all the commentators and surrounding friends/groupies say things like "she's in a better place now" or "the angels just got a great one" or "he's with God"? The behaviors and lifestyles of these three didn't show any fruit of being Christ followers. They showed the "I did it my way" and "I lived life on my own terms" kinds of lifestyles...and with some of them, it ended up being what killed them.

When I die, I am truly going to be in the best place ever! I am going to have the best days of my whole life! I will be serving Jesus in a place of perfect joy, peace, where there is no tears or sadness, (I also hope that there is lots of sleeping, since that is part of my idea of a place of perfect peace--sleep!), but whatever it is, I am going to be perfectly happy with being there and my role in it! I wish I could say the same for the three recently deceased.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Magik Theatre

I know I have blogged about this before, but I am going to say it again! If you are in the San Antonio area, you need to get season passes to the Magik Theatre! ( It is the best deal around and they put on the best plays...our whole family has loved them! In the next week, they will be announcing next season's line up, but we are renewing our passes!

It works like this: you pay $99 (at least last season was that price) and get 36 tickets to use as you see fit. You can use 4 tickets and see each of their nine shows. You can use 12 tickets on one play and bring a bunch of friends (great birthday party material). You can split them up however you want! Today we went to see The Phantom of the Alamo (a play on The Phantom of the Opera) and had extra tickets that needed to get used, so we invited six other people to see it with us!

The great thing about the season passes is that, like today when there were HUNDREDS of children with day cares or summer programs attending, they had reserved the first four rows for season ticket holders! How cool is that? Another thing: we get there about 30 minutes earlier than we really need to because of the ginormous playscape outside the theatre! The kids love to play on it and it has tons of benches with shade to watch.

All in all, it's the best bargain in town! I highly recommend you getting your season passes and enjoying some fabulous plays throughout the year!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Sought-He Answered

So yesterday, and the many days before that, I had been in a dilemma about what to do about Matthew 7:21-23. In that verse, Jesus says that in the end, there will be many people who have done great things in the name of Jesus, who have thought they were believers.

Yesterday, God worked on me, and showed me where I can rest in Him and find strength in His Word that I am a child of God. Here's what He showed me:

1. Jesus, by His grace and in His truth, set me free from whatever is keeping me bound.
2. When my "old" self died with Jesus, my sin nature died, too, and I became alive to God's transforming power.
3. I am freed from the sins that bound me as I continually follow the prompting of His Spirit who will lead me by the Word of God.

Praise God! I love when God talks to me loud and clear. It seemed as though each song I heard on the radio and each person I spoke to yesterday had something to say just to me from God. I AM a new creation...the old has died!

Monday, June 22, 2009

What to Do?

I have been struggling for the last couple of days about what to do about this verse:

"Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord', will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?' Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!' " Matthew 7:21-23

So what do I do about that? What do you do about that? I say 'Lord, Lord'...I do things in the name of Jesus ( I haven't driven out too many demons lately!). But what would make me NOT be an evildoer? I want to be known by be let into do the will of God!

I don't want to be cast away as if He never knew me.

Friday, June 19, 2009

God is Working-They are Watching

I've never had the feeling of being given the biggest compliment in my life and feeling just about the most fear I've ever felt at the same time. Today I can no longer say that!

I was in Walgreens standing in line to check out when the lady in front of me turns around and I discover that it is the woman who lives directly across the street from me. ( we don't talk often and it's mostly from across the street saying "hi") We exchange pleasantries and then it came! BAM! Out of nowhere!

Her: I have been meaning to ask you what church you go to.
Me: We go to Northeast Bible Church on 2252. Do you know where it is?
Her: No.
Me: Do you know where Caparelli's restsurant is at the corner of 3009 and 2252?
Her: Oh! I know where that is. Now I know where you mean. We really need to find a church and your family seems to be going to church a lot and really like where you are.

The conversation went on for a couple of minutes more, but at the end of that particular sentence is where the compliment and fear intermingled! How did they know we went to church? It's not like we stand out in the street screaming that we are heading to church now!

So...the biggest compliment is that apparently we are living out our faith and God is revealing something to this family about Himself (and us along the way). The fear...we really are being watched when we don't know it! They see what we do!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vote for Darby!

Click on the above link and vote for Darby's picture! I know...I am shamelessly trying to get votes for her, but she is really excited about maybe winning and I'd like to help her! You'll be my bestest friends forever! :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old....

God took me away from Little Rock where I had a group of solid friends...women of God who loved me, cared all about me, and held me to a higher standard. I was sad when He called us to San Antonio when I thought about leaving those earthly representatives of Jesus. It was hard to be new here and wonder if God was going to provide the same caliber of women for me...well I no longer have to wonder...HE DID! Tonight we had our last study of Beth Moore's Esther. We went to a fabulous restaurant and shared a meal and what God had shown us throughout the study. I learned that God cares for me and is working for me while I am waiting! Look at these competely beautiful women He has provided for me! I love them all!

All I Can Do is Pray!

As my oldest has gotten to be an official adult, it has been a blessing and a privilege to step aside and watch her go! But lately it is difficult to do with grace. I am having to sit by and watch her as she works so hard, fills up her schedule, never gets to come home (in the awake hours at least), and collapses exhausted!

It's hard to not step in and take over her life again to make it some semblance of saneness! It's hard not to lecture her on her over-commitments! It's hard to watch her as she periodically becomes an emotional train wreck!

So...I love her, hold her, help her when she asks for it, and above all...I pray for her!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bailey Update!

Bailey hit 37% in her support raising for her mission trip to Italy! Her passport arrived last week and we are now exploring airline tickets for her trip over and back. God is so faithful and has shown up in a big way! Thanks God for revealing yourself to Bailey in such a mighty way!

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Real Meal!

I must say that the meals around here lately have been pretty dogs, mac-n-cheese, that kind of stuff. There has been craziness, and I must confess, a bit of laziness on my part so I have let the real cooking slide a lot!

But last night...I turned that ship around! Kally has fallen in love with shrimp ever since we were in Corpus Christi. I gave in to her the other day at the grocery store and bought some (ouch on the wallet, by the way!) and since Ben wasn't joining us for dinner (he hates shrimp or anything that lives under the water line!), I thought I'd fix it last night!

I mixed up in a bowl about 4 T. of honey mustard with 4t. of lemon pepper and set it aside. Then I began making spaghetti noodles as usual. As I drained the noodles and set the colander in the sink, I put the mustard mix in a pan on the stove and added the shrimp. When the shrimp turned pink, I added in the noodles and a can of peas (I would have preferred broccoli, but was out) and tossed it all together in the fry pan.

It was almost all gone (there's hardly enough left for my lunch today!)! The kids ate it all and loved it! Kally was most excited and I think had four or five helpings. I wish I had taken a picture as it was a pretty dish also.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Still Needs the Mama

3pm Rainey (5 yr) came up and told me how much his knee hurt.
Me: Would a mama kiss help the hurt go away.
R: No. That doesn't work anymore.

OK...Stab to my heart!

3am Rainey crawls into my bed and cuddles as close as he can as he had just had a series of bad dreams where all things turned into pumas. Could hardly get him out as he was just about suffocating me and raising my temp to an unhealthy 400 degrees!

Redemption...He still needs the mama!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Kally's Swim Meet #2

Kally had her second swim meet today. The whole family was there to cheer her on...all of us wearing team shirts!
Ben and Rainey before the meet started.


The boys being boys.
Kally on lane #5 ready for her 25 meter freestyle.

Kally in line preparing for her freestyle relay. She was #3 person.
Kally after her relay team winning first place! She was awesome!
Way to go Kally!

Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength

I have been on a journey the last many years to become a better wife...oh, better for Ben, but really more looking past Ben to see God and trying to be what He wants me to be.

I find that I do well for a couple of days and then just crash...foul something opposite of what I am desiring to do...It occurred to me the other day that this was the cycle of someone doing something impossible in his own strength! I can pull off being the perfect wife (or fill in whatever you choose) for a small while, but then my own sin nature...the fancy way of saying "hey! what about me and my needs? who is taking care of those while I deny myself to serve you?" my own sin nature pounces upon me one day and I all the ground I have covered has been lost and I am back to square one.

God has been working on me lately, through many means, to just focus on Him. Leave Ben out of it....look over Ben's shoulder and just stare into the face of God and do what I do for Him, not for Ben. Obey God and His desire for me and my well-being. Love God with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind, and with all my strength...not Ben, but God. By doing that, I am slowly discovering that Ben is the primary beneficiary of the overflow of my heart! I end up showing him love by showing him becomes easier and easier as I focus my attention, love, desires upon God and not the people around me...the funny thing is that they all end up feeling more doted upon, more loved, more cared for...crazy huh?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Our Family Date

Ben surprised the fam today and took us all to see Night at the Museum 2! It was fabulous! I think I loved it even more than the first one...which is really surprising. We had a great time! Thanks Ben...I love you.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

One Proud Mama

I have been in awe of God lately! OK...not that I am not in awe of Him everyday, but this is different...

Most of you know that Bailey is raising support to go to serve as a missionary teaching ESL classes in Udine, Italy for three months in the fall (I did say MONTHS, not WEEKS!). I am so proud of her for hearing God's call and making herself available to it. But as a mom, I must say that it is amazing to see her begin her life heeding God's voice and hearing her respond with "here I am, send me!"

But God has only begun working! She sent out letters a week ago and God has already given Bailey 16% of her needed amount of money! Daily as she opens the mail, we stand with out mouths wide open, tears in our eyes (ok...maybe that's just my eyes, but they are so blurry that it looks like everyone's eyes are moist...), and our praises going out and up to the One who is orchestrating the whole thing!

As believers, we all long for our children to hear His voice and follow immediately. We desire for those we love to live out their faith. Heck, we desire to live out our faith ourselves! But to see your child take that stand, grab onto the hand of God and say "take me where you want me to go"...makes me have my mouth wide open, tears in my eyes, and praising the One who gave her to me and to whom I am giving back for His glory!

I will keep you posted on how God is continuing to bless Bailey! I am a proud mama, and I am pretty sure that this pride is not sinful... :) And, by the way, if you'd like to help her spread the Gospel of Christ to the dead in Italy, then let me know and we can help you be a part of that.


When will Rawley ever become potty trained?
Is there a hint of truth in all forms of teasing?
Why am I so loud?
Why does God choose to bless me so much?
When can I stop buying diapers and pull-ups?
When will my daughter learn to really clean a bathroom?
When will that same daughter learn to really wash a dish?
Why does my weight bother me so much, but I don't do anything about it?
How weird is it that all my kids like hard-boiled eggs?

Just my ramblings for the day!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

No Boy at All!

I was humbled as a parent the other day...and I am sure it won't be the last time.

My two boys, along with another boy, pretty much trashed a couple of rooms in our church during a church dinner! I can't explain why they did that, except it's the personification of the saying my father-in-law apparently always said (Ben has been quoting it forever!):

One boy is a whole boy.
Two boys is half a boy.
Three boys is no boy at all.
These three were the exact embodiment of this saying! They stopped being boys and became quite animalistic! It was completely stunning, dismaying, and very disappointing!
Each boy had to do letters of apology and others apologies to various people as well as helping to clean up and other punishments.
Years from now, this will be funny and bring a smile to my's actually almost there now...and I can see that this won't be the last time the boys have dilemmas such as this. Ben and I have prayed for our children to get caught early doing anything...this was actually an answer to prayer to discover them and their sin natures early! If this is the worst thing they do...I will be the most blessed among women with her children!
Those two boys are the ones to keep adding the ever-increasing grey hairs on my head! I am wild about them though!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I love when I see spiritual growth in myself! Yesterday was just the day for God to show me that I have grown just a smidge...I think He puts these little tests in front of me to see how I am doing...honestly, most of the time I fail...but not yesterday!

I used to LOVE gossip! I really mean LOVE it! I was the person who knew everything that was going on...people would come to me to find out what was happening. (It's a power thing, I think) It's one of the reasons that God has taken me out of the workforce.

Our church is going through some sad days lately. I know that God is involved in it and is working on all of us through this. Yesterday I heard many of the issues that were brewing, which I hadn't known before. Because many of these situations have happened to people I know, I would normally have taken up their cause (have I told you that I am fiercely loyal and take up my friends' burdens!) and jumped into the chasm of yuckiness becoming a huge part of the problem. friend, I saw growth when I heard these issues and then recognized right away that I was entering into sin by joining in the gossip, and asked not to be told if other situations arise! I realized that I didn't even feel anything about it! I have only had good interactions with the main person involved and didn't want to have any other thoughts about this person!

What? Did I hear myself correctly? I knew right away that God was at work in me! He tested me and this time, I passed! Praise God!