Wednesday, June 3, 2009

No Boy at All!

I was humbled as a parent the other day...and I am sure it won't be the last time.

My two boys, along with another boy, pretty much trashed a couple of rooms in our church during a church dinner! I can't explain why they did that, except it's the personification of the saying my father-in-law apparently always said (Ben has been quoting it forever!):

One boy is a whole boy.
Two boys is half a boy.
Three boys is no boy at all.
These three were the exact embodiment of this saying! They stopped being boys and became quite animalistic! It was completely stunning, dismaying, and very disappointing!
Each boy had to do letters of apology and others apologies to various people as well as helping to clean up and other punishments.
Years from now, this will be funny and bring a smile to my's actually almost there now...and I can see that this won't be the last time the boys have dilemmas such as this. Ben and I have prayed for our children to get caught early doing anything...this was actually an answer to prayer to discover them and their sin natures early! If this is the worst thing they do...I will be the most blessed among women with her children!
Those two boys are the ones to keep adding the ever-increasing grey hairs on my head! I am wild about them though!

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Jill said...

HA!!! No doubt in several years they will sit back and laugh about how they had to write apology letters...but they won't forget that they had to do it, which will hopefully help when opportunities arrive to be "no boy at all!" Too cute!