Thursday, June 11, 2009

Still Needs the Mama

3pm Rainey (5 yr) came up and told me how much his knee hurt.
Me: Would a mama kiss help the hurt go away.
R: No. That doesn't work anymore.

OK...Stab to my heart!

3am Rainey crawls into my bed and cuddles as close as he can as he had just had a series of bad dreams where all things turned into pumas. Could hardly get him out as he was just about suffocating me and raising my temp to an unhealthy 400 degrees!

Redemption...He still needs the mama!


Cheryl said...

Awwww.... no matter how old he gets he will always need his Mama. You are a great Mom. Your children are blessed to have you!

Jill said...

LOL!!!!!!!!! Isn't great how kids have that wonderful ability to keep us mama's humble!

Kristen and David said...

He will ALWAYS need the mama. You can ask my 35 year old brother. ;) Very cute!
Pumas!?! That does sound scary!