Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All I Can Do is Pray!

As my oldest has gotten to be an official adult, it has been a blessing and a privilege to step aside and watch her go! But lately it is difficult to do with grace. I am having to sit by and watch her as she works so hard, fills up her schedule, never gets to come home (in the awake hours at least), and collapses exhausted!

It's hard to not step in and take over her life again to make it some semblance of saneness! It's hard not to lecture her on her over-commitments! It's hard to watch her as she periodically becomes an emotional train wreck!

So...I love her, hold her, help her when she asks for it, and above all...I pray for her!


Anonymous said...

It's not ALL you can do...Prayer is the BEST that you can do. So, give her your best and watch God work out the rest.

Cammy Draper said...

Oh Lisa, were you writing about Bailey or my Sarah--I couldn't tell. :) Been there, done that, still doing it! I too, have had to sit back and watch as my sweet Sarah would look at her days, seeing many more hours than actually existed and saying yes to way too many things, being faithful and loyal to follow through, to her own detriment, and then come crashing down. And now I even have a wonderful son-in-law who tries to help but we still have cycles of over-commitment and then meltdown. Just this week she was telling me how burned out she was and that the new word in her life is "no". We'll see.
Hang in there, you're a great mom!