Friday, June 12, 2009

A Real Meal!

I must say that the meals around here lately have been pretty dogs, mac-n-cheese, that kind of stuff. There has been craziness, and I must confess, a bit of laziness on my part so I have let the real cooking slide a lot!

But last night...I turned that ship around! Kally has fallen in love with shrimp ever since we were in Corpus Christi. I gave in to her the other day at the grocery store and bought some (ouch on the wallet, by the way!) and since Ben wasn't joining us for dinner (he hates shrimp or anything that lives under the water line!), I thought I'd fix it last night!

I mixed up in a bowl about 4 T. of honey mustard with 4t. of lemon pepper and set it aside. Then I began making spaghetti noodles as usual. As I drained the noodles and set the colander in the sink, I put the mustard mix in a pan on the stove and added the shrimp. When the shrimp turned pink, I added in the noodles and a can of peas (I would have preferred broccoli, but was out) and tossed it all together in the fry pan.

It was almost all gone (there's hardly enough left for my lunch today!)! The kids ate it all and loved it! Kally was most excited and I think had four or five helpings. I wish I had taken a picture as it was a pretty dish also.

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Anonymous said...

The dish sounds great! I bet the peas were good in it but like you, I would like to try broccoli in it too! This recipe just might find itself on my table this week. I've gained some of my weight back and it is time to CUT BACK and this one would be great for a supper one night for Robert and me! Thanks for sharing!
Debbie Lindley