Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I love when I see spiritual growth in myself! Yesterday was just the day for God to show me that I have grown just a smidge...I think He puts these little tests in front of me to see how I am doing...honestly, most of the time I fail...but not yesterday!

I used to LOVE gossip! I really mean LOVE it! I was the person who knew everything that was going on...people would come to me to find out what was happening. (It's a power thing, I think) It's one of the reasons that God has taken me out of the workforce.

Our church is going through some sad days lately. I know that God is involved in it and is working on all of us through this. Yesterday I heard many of the issues that were brewing, which I hadn't known before. Because many of these situations have happened to people I know, I would normally have taken up their cause (have I told you that I am fiercely loyal and take up my friends' burdens!) and jumped into the chasm of yuckiness becoming a huge part of the problem. Well...my friend, I saw growth when I heard these issues and then recognized right away that I was entering into sin by joining in the gossip, and asked not to be told if other situations arise! I realized that I didn't even feel anything about it! I have only had good interactions with the main person involved and didn't want to have any other thoughts about this person!

What? Did I hear myself correctly? I knew right away that God was at work in me! He tested me and this time, I passed! Praise God!

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