Friday, May 29, 2009

To Be a Woman

I was reminded yesterday of my mission as a woman from the Bible. What struck me about it was how many of my friends are living this out and it made me proud!

Titus 2:4-5 lay out the duties for women:
1. train younger women
2. love and submit to their husbands
3. love their children
4. be busy at home
As I thought through all the women I know, every one of you do these things! Melissa trains younger women through mentoring at schools. Amber loves her son. Sara loves Aaron. Nitzia submits to John. Jill is busy at home. And the list could go on and on! I could keep naming name after name of women who exemplify these characteristics. These women don't just do one of the four either...they do them all...and with excellence!
I am overwhelmed by the women God has placed in my life as examples for me! Thank you all for how you have lived out your faith for me, your children, your husbands, your unbelieving neighbors, and most of all for the glory of God! You inspire me to greater things.


Melissa Williams said...

You are too sweet. You do all those things too and inspire and encourage me with everything you post! I miss you Lisa!

Amber said...

You are the woman that I look for examples to aspire to! We were actually talking about how much we missed you last night at Bunko! Thanks for the encouragement!

Jill said...

Oh Lisa...what an encouragement, and you are one of top women that I thank God for putting in my life! Thank you for the sweet post!