Tuesday, May 5, 2009

They Can Get Away With Murder!

Because of the Beth Moore Esther study that I am doing, I have been thinking about how we elevate people and then get angry when they act the way we have trained them to act. Let me explain...

In the story of Esther, Haman (boo!), was second in command. He was given the king's ring, people had to bow to him, and was seemingly with the king all the time in almost every conversation. He had the ear of the king and all was open and allowed for him. He asked the king to destroy and entire people, to which the king agreed without even asking who he was destroying! Then when he takes steps to destroy one of the Jews, who were on the chopping block anyway, events lead Haman (boo!) to be the one destroyed instead!

Here is my thought: don't we do that now to many people? Think of pro athletes...from the earliest ages, we tell them that they are special...more special than others who can't do what they do. We "help" them through school. They get off with little indiscretions. Then they move up to high school and college and get more "help" and more leniency. They become pros and they really get the red carpet treatment, they get people looking the other way. But then something we have deemed really bad happens and we rake them over the coals!

It's not that what they have done doesn't deserve some repercussion of some kind...but haven't we made them believe all along that they could get away with anything? Haven't we handed them the keys to the city and then turned our heads so we don't know (or care to know) what they are doing?

We are as purposefully blind as King Xerxes with Haman (boo!)

Just my thought for the day!

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