Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We've Turned Pro!

Every day, Rainey wants me to play the Wii with him. So...most every day he and I play two games together (that's our agreement...2 games...he picks one and I pick one). He almost always picks tennis and I always pick bowling.

Rainey always wins at tennis. He practices by himself throughout the day and has gotten where he can flip that remote in a way that makes the tennis ball really flies...who can volley against that?

But I mostly win at bowling! Redemption! We have bowled so much and done so well at it that we both have actually turned PRO! (Ben has too!) Are we awesome or what?!

So...the highlight of my day is whipping a 5 year old at bowling and watching the cool bowling ball I have earned by turning pro fly down the lane knocking all the pins down! Pretty pathetic, huh? I hope he has fond memories of us playing together when he gets older! Because as I tell him most everyday, he makes me a little bit happy!


Melissa Williams said...

That is too's the little things right? You are making an impact on him for sure...he will remember this for years to come. This is gonna be something for him to talk to his kids about....but by then, the Wii will be something of the past and you'll have to learn some other fun game! Good times!

Sara and John William's Mom said...

so cute.... Sara likes to pretend she is playing with us, she doesn't understand that well how the game works... but i'm sure soon we will have some fun times like that too. I'm proud of you for doing so great with bowling, I have a hard time playing that game:)