Monday, May 11, 2009

Face Plant!

In comes Kally from playing on her scooter today.
She had fallen and scraped herself up!
Two bigs scrapes on her knee.
Scrapes on her hand.
And....big scrapes on her face!
Poor baby...


Jill said...

Doesn't it just hurt you to see your baby hurt? Poor little thing...that must have been a pretty bad fall. I'm glad she is okay!

Melissa Williams said...

Ouch! That makes me hurt. I remember looking like that when I tried roller blades...not a good thing. We'll be praying she heals fast. Poor Baby!

Sara and John William's Mom said...

ouch! it hurts just by looking at these pics... poor thing, i hope she heals quickly... i guess one id these days my kids will have falls like this one, yikes!

Alisa Cornelison said...

When I was about her age I had a horrible biking accident and the entire left side of my face had road rash. People would just look at me and say "ouch, it hurts to just look at you!" I kinda liked the attention ;)