Monday, May 11, 2009

Fun Celebration!

Today a friend invited Rainey, Rawley, and me to come over to their house to celebrate 100 days of school! She is so creative and clever and completely inspired me to do the fun things again! I get pretty stuck in my muck, that I forget about all the fun things I used to do.

Thanks, Cheryl, Isaac, and Julia for including us in such a fun day!


Cheryl said...

WOW - you beat me to the post!!! We too had a lot of fun and enjoyed your company this morning. Your boys are a delight. We would love to have them (and you) come play again soon.

The 4 Rohrers said...

That's very fun! I remember celebrating that when I was in public school growing up. Some teachers kept banners of numbers going around the wall of the classroom.