Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Hate Goodbyes!

How do you say goodbye to a friend? When have you spent enough time together that you finally think it's ok to part? At what point do you feel grown up enough to do all the things you do as friends, by yourself?

For me...the answer is NEVER! I will miss my friend who leaves today. I will long for her smile and laugh and her presence in my home. I will miss getting in the car and going to the grocery store and just wandering around.

Lisa...I will miss every second! So, until we meet again, my friend, I love you dearly and know that my life is infinitely better with you in it!


Anonymous said...

as a friend of mine says...enough already!!!! you are killing me with these posts! heading north up I-35 is hard enough...remembering all those the earnest little faces lined up at breakfast...gazing expectantly across the bar with smiles all around.
thanks for the great memories and the is so much easier with gingersnaps...

love you all,
Lisa A.

Sara and John William's Mom said...

so sweet! this is how i feel too everytime i go to Mexico! Oh, what we would do in life without our best friends! i'm glad you got to spend time with your friend:)