Monday, May 18, 2009


I am a little bit nutty at the dear friend and her family are coming, as I type, to visit! I am excited and right now a little harried to get my house clean! I think it's a bit goofy that I go through all this to clean my house, when two minutes after they arrive, there will be crap everywhere! Their stuff, our stuff, stuff I've never seen before...all over in neat piles and messy piles!

So...why go through all this? Because I want to do a little bit to show her honor! She has been a dedicated, devoted friend and confidant for many years and there is so little that I am ever able to do for her...

So I WILL clean and my kids WILL take a bit of a nap before they get here...because two minutes after they arrive...the lovely chaos of friendship and love will wash over us like an avalanche...and it will be wonderful!

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