Friday, May 15, 2009

My Ramblings

*Why do I eat more on the days I decide I am really going to watch it?
*How come I forget how fun it is to bake with my kids?
*Why do I miss Bible study so much when it is cancelled?
*Why do I really like the Tostitos chips with the hint of lime so much?
*Why does Little Rock get 10 inches of rain in 13 days, and we can get barely a drop in 13 months?
*When is the bully down the street going to move?
*Why is it so fun to blow bubbles in milk with a straw?
*Why did Rawley throw a flashlight in the bathtub?
*Why was the Curious Case of Benjamin Button so similar to Forrest Gump?
*Why did I cry at the end of the book Frindle?

Scary things go on in my head these days...what goes on in yours?


Anonymous said...

Okay Lisa...I've got a couple for you:
(1) why does the dog ALWAYS throw up on the carpet RIGHT AFTER I've spent 2 hours cleaning it?
(2) Why do husbands leave the EMPTY box of "Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches" in the freezer for you to find it right when you're having a "I NEED CHOCOLATE AND ICE CREAM" crisis?
and last but not least,
(3) why does our neighbor walk her dog to go potty IN MY FRONT YARD?

If you have answers to THESE and other interest questions, I am curious to hear them! LOL
I love your blog Lisa....and yes, today in Little Rock it is SUNNY, very warm with the wind blowing!
Deborah Lindley, Melissa Williams' mom

Jill said...

I have to say, I cracked up at the random rambling of wondering when the neighborhood bully is going to move!! Too funny, you crack me up!

Ashley Sumners said...

Your ninth thought made me think that you need to see this...

I'm so glad you read Frindle! Wasn't it great?!