Monday, July 26, 2010

Why Is That?

Do you ever wonder what God is up to? Either curious as to what HE directly seems to be involved in or what HE allows? I do!

I have a friend whose mother and sister both have cancer and has been ministering to them; on top of ministering to her own husband and three mostly grown children. Now, she finds out that something else has been added to her plate. Why is that?

I have a mother who has been a faithful, loving wife for over 50 years and now is taking care of my daddy who has some serious concerns. Why is that?

We have friends who have five children, have two more foster children, and are in a fight with governmental agencies for a passport for a son they are to adopt from Haiti. The husband is working on the battle and the wife is headed to Haiti in a couple of days. Why is that?

We have a church who is looking for a senior pastor. They think they have someone, but now all are on pins and needles waiting for the vote to happen. One man said it best, "It's going to be painful either way. Either he is not voted in and we go through this process yet again. Or he is voted in, and change begins to occur." He is most likely going to be voted in. Change is going to begin. Change is painful. Why is that?

I am in a joyous state at the moment...perfectly content with my status. I try to leave my life in HIS hands..not always easy. But I find that though I am content, part of me is almost waiting for something not-so-great to happen.


Friday, July 23, 2010

On The Wagon Again...(do you hear Willie Nelson in the house?)

My mouth used to get me into A LOT of trouble! And I do mean A LOT! (Have I told you about my 4th grade teacher who literally slapped my hand with a ruler every day of 4th grade for talking?) The trouble got worse and much more serious as I got was no longer the simple fact that I was became the words I said, the hurt I caused, and, I'm sure, the untruths I perpetuated.

God has done some radical things in my life to help me with that problem. HE has worked mightily in my life in this area, and I am so grateful. But just when I think I have that problem mastered and I no longer have to think about it (similar to an alcoholic who thinks that they can have one little drink because surely, after all this time, they can control it!), I am reminded of my weakness and my constant need to stay vigilant and to let God work in that arena for me.

So...I had been "clean and sober" of tongue issues for 364 days...and then just as I was about to celebrate my one year sobriety...BAM! I fall off the wagon!

I am back on that said wagon today. It's humbling to be here once day one.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Women of Faith

Women of Faith is coming to San Antonio this fall! What a great two-day event! This year it is even better...the additional session early in the day on Friday (that also requires a separate fee) is included in the price! $89!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How To Really Love Your Child

So ends another mini-era. Today was the last Bible study for the summer. I was privileged to co-teach a parenting study based on the book How to Really Love Your Child by Ross Campbell. What a great book and an even greater study!

Our study was filled with women who so want to be the moms that God has called them to be! They are women who love the Lord, love their husbands, and love their children; but there are days that the love they feel isn't being demonstrated in the way they would desire. Do you ever feel like that?

I sure do! I love my family, but someone from the outside might not be able to tell from the words they hear, the tone they hear, or even the actions they see. How terribly sad!

I learned so much from the women in the group....thanks gals! I wanted to bless these women in some way today and so I copied an idea from a wise woman I know....I prayed over each woman today. I was so overcome with emotion, as I so often do when I pray and I feel the Holy Spirit move. I can only pray that they understood my words and desires for them and their families!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ben's 48th Birthday

Yesterday was Ben's 48th birthday! What fun we had at dinner at Abel's...a local old-school diner that serves home-cooked meals....all I can say is fabulous!

Our waitress made this funny hat on Ben at our table. He was such a good sport to allow it and then to wear it for most of the meal. It was so funny to see her do this! There are only about 12 tables in the whole restaurant, so all participated in his embarrassment.
Happy Birthday Ben! Hope your 49th year is even better than this one...and this one has been pretty darn good! Of course, to me, you just keep getting better and better.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Warm Dip

Last night the Women's Ministry at our church had a UFO Night. UFO = UnFinished Object. So the idea was to bring anything you had been working on that you can't seem to finish and work on it at church and while some great snacks and meet some wonderful women. All in all, a bonding time for a couple of hours. It was great fun!

I brought some of the snacks and, though I have probably posted the recipe before, I thought I'd post this one again as so many gals loved it last night!

8 oz of each of the following:
sour cream
mayo (you may not sub Miracle Whip)
cream cheese
grated cheese
ham cut up

1 Hawaiian round bread hollowed out to a bowl.

Mix the things together (add a small can of diced chilies if you want it a bit spicier), and put it in the bread bowl. Wrap aluminum foil around the bread edges (as you might the crust of a pie) so that it doesn't burn. Place in 350 degree oven for 1 hour. We use Tostitos Scoops to eat it.

Enjoy! We sure do!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Have Found My Place!

Many of you know (read Little Rock gals) of the struggle I have had with God over the years of where my ministry is to be. The funny thing is that God seems to confirm it daily (or almost daily) and yet I keep asking and wondering.

It makes me laugh as I have just been in that thought mode lately....what is the ministry God really has for me? And yet...just in the last couple of days, he has revealed it to me again!

My ministry is to women! Whether that be teaching a Bible study. Or organizing a women's event. Or helping a mom out with homeschool things. Or talking to a woman about marriage and parenting. Every single one of those has happened within the last two days! And some of them more than once.

God can and does use me. It's a humbling notion for me. It scares me sometimes. It brings me great joy. It makes me exhilarated. It makes me tired. It gives me confidence. It plays on my doubts.

YUP! I think I am finally getting the idea. This is my place. I think I might try to rest in that for a little bit...before I begin the questioning again. :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thorn in my Flesh

I have a lot of faults and weaknesses! I mean a lot! But what I have discovered the last few days is that I get really grouchy when I am not feeling well. Now...when I am sick, like with a cold or the flu, I do ok. The problem is when I am hurting somewhere. The last many days, I have had a swollen lymph node in my neck. It hurts from my left ear down to the middle of my neck. At some moments, it feels like an ear infection, and other times feels like strep throat. (I have been to the doctor and neither of those is the case!)

But much to my chagrin, I get short and cross with those around me...well, not just anyone around me...really just my family.

I am saddened that I am like that. I don't like being like that and I want to change it!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Are They Getting in the Way of Your Ministry?

How do you view people with whom you come in contact? I mean folks that you speak with...maybe those involved in the same activities you are...or those that you see frequently at various events or places.

Not long ago, I was with the kids at the library and Darby and I noticed a mom and her two children. I don't know why we noticed them in particular, but we did. Later that day, we saw them again at the grocery store; and then later we saw them walking on our street as we were driving home.

Fast forward about a month, and we are sitting in church, and next to me are two empty seats. The usher brings two people to sit in the chairs and as I look over to greet them, I notice that it's the woman from the library/store/street! I can only assume that the man with her is her husband.

Did God really want us to meet these folks or what?

There is a gal in my Bible study class who also brings her kids to AWANA and participates in our church's homeschool co-op. Today she asks if there is a time we can get together to chat about various things. ended up for the afternoon, we had company.

These two situations have made me think about divine appointments. Does God bring people into our lives for a purpose? Is every meeting just a chance meeting? How do you view these events? Do you view them as getting in the way of your ministry? Are they making you late to your church meeting? Could it be that they are supposed to be your ministry?

I am not perfect at this, but years ago I began to think that God was bringing people into my life for a purpose. It's pretty cool to think that the God of the universe sees what I do and allows people to either come to help me, get help from me, or to walk side by side with me through something.

Praise God!

Monday, July 5, 2010

First Day of School

Though the calendar says it's the middle of summer, for the DeBusk family, it's the first day of school. I know that sounds crazy, BUT...we ended our school year in April when the weather was really great and the kids could just spend all day outside playing. Before school started this year, I asked Ben if he would take out our kitchen table and put up desks...and he did! He found amazing desks on Craigslist and put them up this last weekend. The three older kids have their own desk and Rawley is with me.
Here are the three desks in the bay window of our kitchen area.
As the most special first day of school treat, my mom brought my daddy over! She was able to take him out of the nursing home and bring him to see us. Isn't he just so handsome?
Daddy and the kids...Rawley didn't want his pic taken and both boys still have one tattos from Fourth of July celebrations.
I love my daddy! And his visit made the perfect first day of school!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

All The Chicks Back In The Nest!

One of our girls has been at camp this week. I have missed her terribly! she comes home and our whole family will be together once again!

Just my feelings about how much I miss her has made me wonder about all those moms who make comments at the end of summer like: "I can't wait until school starts!" "I need them gone all day again!"

What? I love having my kids around me all day! (I also have to wonder what those kids feel like when they hear their moms say that kind of stuff) Now don't get me wrong, I love a good girls only night like anyone else. And I do feel the need to have a quiet time daily so that we are all in our own spaces for an hour or so. But I couldn't have them gone all day every day. I would miss them so much.

So! .... in just a few hours, we will be whole again....with all that entails...noise, strife sometimes, conflict, love, and laughter.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bailey's New Venture!

Bailey just began a new venture and I am so excited for her! So, I am sharing it here.

Bailey is now a consultant for JustJewelry! It's a great place for inexpensive (but very expensive looking) jewelry. I love all of their things and will be buying much of it!!!

Check out Bailey's new blog at here and if you are even the least bit curious about what the jewelry looks like, then check out the catalog at here.