Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Are They Getting in the Way of Your Ministry?

How do you view people with whom you come in contact? I mean folks that you speak with...maybe those involved in the same activities you are...or those that you see frequently at various events or places.

Not long ago, I was with the kids at the library and Darby and I noticed a mom and her two children. I don't know why we noticed them in particular, but we did. Later that day, we saw them again at the grocery store; and then later we saw them walking on our street as we were driving home.

Fast forward about a month, and we are sitting in church, and next to me are two empty seats. The usher brings two people to sit in the chairs and as I look over to greet them, I notice that it's the woman from the library/store/street! I can only assume that the man with her is her husband.

Did God really want us to meet these folks or what?

There is a gal in my Bible study class who also brings her kids to AWANA and participates in our church's homeschool co-op. Today she asks if there is a time we can get together to chat about various things. Well...today ended up working...so for the afternoon, we had company.

These two situations have made me think about divine appointments. Does God bring people into our lives for a purpose? Is every meeting just a chance meeting? How do you view these events? Do you view them as getting in the way of your ministry? Are they making you late to your church meeting? Could it be that they are supposed to be your ministry?

I am not perfect at this, but years ago I began to think that God was bringing people into my life for a purpose. It's pretty cool to think that the God of the universe sees what I do and allows people to either come to help me, get help from me, or to walk side by side with me through something.

Praise God!

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