Saturday, July 3, 2010

All The Chicks Back In The Nest!

One of our girls has been at camp this week. I have missed her terribly! she comes home and our whole family will be together once again!

Just my feelings about how much I miss her has made me wonder about all those moms who make comments at the end of summer like: "I can't wait until school starts!" "I need them gone all day again!"

What? I love having my kids around me all day! (I also have to wonder what those kids feel like when they hear their moms say that kind of stuff) Now don't get me wrong, I love a good girls only night like anyone else. And I do feel the need to have a quiet time daily so that we are all in our own spaces for an hour or so. But I couldn't have them gone all day every day. I would miss them so much.

So! .... in just a few hours, we will be whole again....with all that entails...noise, strife sometimes, conflict, love, and laughter.

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The Cornelisons said...

And that is why you homeschool your children and then people like me send them to public school!!! :) That is so sweet that you feel that way. Your children will never doubt your love for them. Greyson is already asking me when school starts, I don't think he likes hanging out with mommy and daddy nearly as much as his school friends!