Monday, July 26, 2010

Why Is That?

Do you ever wonder what God is up to? Either curious as to what HE directly seems to be involved in or what HE allows? I do!

I have a friend whose mother and sister both have cancer and has been ministering to them; on top of ministering to her own husband and three mostly grown children. Now, she finds out that something else has been added to her plate. Why is that?

I have a mother who has been a faithful, loving wife for over 50 years and now is taking care of my daddy who has some serious concerns. Why is that?

We have friends who have five children, have two more foster children, and are in a fight with governmental agencies for a passport for a son they are to adopt from Haiti. The husband is working on the battle and the wife is headed to Haiti in a couple of days. Why is that?

We have a church who is looking for a senior pastor. They think they have someone, but now all are on pins and needles waiting for the vote to happen. One man said it best, "It's going to be painful either way. Either he is not voted in and we go through this process yet again. Or he is voted in, and change begins to occur." He is most likely going to be voted in. Change is going to begin. Change is painful. Why is that?

I am in a joyous state at the moment...perfectly content with my status. I try to leave my life in HIS hands..not always easy. But I find that though I am content, part of me is almost waiting for something not-so-great to happen.


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Gregg Stutts said...

Good post, Lisa. Honest. Genuine. Real life stuff.