Friday, July 23, 2010

On The Wagon Again...(do you hear Willie Nelson in the house?)

My mouth used to get me into A LOT of trouble! And I do mean A LOT! (Have I told you about my 4th grade teacher who literally slapped my hand with a ruler every day of 4th grade for talking?) The trouble got worse and much more serious as I got was no longer the simple fact that I was became the words I said, the hurt I caused, and, I'm sure, the untruths I perpetuated.

God has done some radical things in my life to help me with that problem. HE has worked mightily in my life in this area, and I am so grateful. But just when I think I have that problem mastered and I no longer have to think about it (similar to an alcoholic who thinks that they can have one little drink because surely, after all this time, they can control it!), I am reminded of my weakness and my constant need to stay vigilant and to let God work in that arena for me.

So...I had been "clean and sober" of tongue issues for 364 days...and then just as I was about to celebrate my one year sobriety...BAM! I fall off the wagon!

I am back on that said wagon today. It's humbling to be here once day one.

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