Tuesday, August 10, 2010

23 Years and Counting!

In November of 1986, I met Ben. The first date we went on was to a fancy restaurant in San Marcos, Texas called Katy Station. It was wonderful! I had to leave that date a bit early to attend an RA meeting in my dorm. A couple days later we went to a concert in Austin. The next day, because the first two dates ended without dessert...Ben made an apple pie and cookies and brought them to me to make up for the no-dessert dates. I was hooked!
He wrangled an invitation from my mom to come to our home for Thanksgiving. A couple of weeks later, I had to go to Minnesota for my cousin's wedding. When I arrived back, Ben picked me up at the airport and asked me to marry him. I was hooked!
He went off to pilot training and I stayed in Austin to do my student teaching. We didn't get to see each other very often. He made it down when he could, but it was difficult. But no matter how hard it was, I was hooked!
We married on August 8, 1987. It's been fun to get to know him over these 23 years. We laugh a lot! We have to! Five kids, 8 moves, 2 dogs, 2 birds, 5 fish, 11 cars, and 15 answering machines later...I am still hooked!
I can't wait to see what the next 23 years bring. I love you Ben.


The 5 Rohrers said...

What a testimony! Happy Anniversary!

Jill said...

Congrats!!!! A match made in heaven, for sure!!!

The Cornelisons said...

Love hearing how you started dating, I think I would have been hooked to - dessert is the key to a woman's heart. Happy Anniversary!!

Kristen and David said...

Congratulations!!! You guys are such a beautiful couple - in so many ways! Thank you for sharing your story too. Loved hearing that! Sounds like he must have been pretty hooked as well! You have been such a testimony and inspriration to so many. I hope your 23rd and the next 23 are abundant with blessings for you guys! I have no doubt they will be!