Saturday, August 28, 2010

All Things Work Together for Good!

Have you ever wondered when God is going to make good on HIS promise to work all things for good? Ever think back on sins you have done over and over...maybe don't do nearly so much (or at all anymore) and wonder when you will be able to use those experiences to help someone else?

Well, I have wondered those things a lot! And I got my answer to some of it yesterday.

A gal I know only as an acquaintance, called yesterday to discuss payment issues pertaining to her kids coming to our homeschool co-op. She and her husband are in a couple months of difficult financial times. As I was trying to think of a way, while she was speaking, about how the co-op could maybe scholarship her, she said something that snapped me back to the moment...."My husband has said he doesn't want us doing co-op this year, but I am overriding his decision on that."

WOAH!!!! I really felt called right there to share my struggles with submission and then to share God's extreme faithfulness when I HAVE submitted...especially in the hard things. I probably preached at her, but it was such a clear case of her choosing to reject her husband's wishes in this area. He had asked her to do this to help their family in several areas and she was willing to just toss that desire aside for her own feelings. She mentioned in the course of our discussion that she was wanting him to step up and be more of the spiritual leader in the home, but right here, when she could have encouraged him in that way, she was doing just the opposite!

I was able to speak to that because 1) it's the truth God lays out clearly and 2) I have been there and know just what choosing to go against Ben does for Ben, for me, for our marriage, and for my relationship with Christ!

God did just what HE promised yesterday....worked out those bad things I've done for being able to help a fellow believer to see the path she was beginning to walk down. What a blessing for me to be able to do that! I praise God that HE allowed me to see that so clearly and to speak up. And though her absence would hurt our co-op, I pray that she calls me today to say that she wants to take her kids out of co-op and that she is going to do what her husband has asked even if it's difficult for her.

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Amber said...

I'm so glad that God laid on your heart to share with her. Thinking of you guys!