Sunday, May 3, 2009

Random Pieces of Info

*One more week of everything closed due to the swine flu! Crazy stuff this swine flu...
*Looks like the bully down the street has sold her house and will be moving in 3 weeks! (fingers crossed)
*Both Darby and Kally are on restriction tomorrow for different acts of weirdness! Shaping up to be a fabulous Monday!
*We didn't go to church today...haven't missed church for such a weird reason ever! (swine flu again)
*As of tomorrow, Bailey is finished with her second year of college!
*My niece had to make a boat that would float (for school) and then see how many pennies it would take to sink it. Can't wait to find out how many.
*A dear friend needs prayers tomorrow for a medical procedure.
*Ben and I had another big talk last night for the soldiers and Ben hit it out of the park, but I was a maniac!
*The kids got to swim in my parents' pool's swimming season!
*I love all of you dearly and wish I could have y'all over for a Bible study with a Diet Coke!


The 4 Rohrers said...

I love the random pieces of info post! Very fun should make it a regular weekly occurance! It's a spin on the "10 Things Tuesday" that some bloggers do. I may have to copy you.

Jill said...

This swine flu thing is really crazy stuff!!! Blog cracked me up! I love random blog days!

Kristen and David said...

I would love to come over for Bible study and diet coke. I do miss your smile Lisa.