Sunday, June 28, 2009

Big and Small Blessings!

Most days I am grateful for the small kids saying "please" and "thank you", my husband getting a sweet tea refill at Bill Miller's, and the bubbly voice of my daughter when she is excited about something...

But today, I am pretty excited about something that is HUGE in the DeBusk household!....Rawley went to church in his underwear, didn't have any accidents, went to the actual bathroom in his classroom, and has done the same at home for the 4 hours since church!

Praise God! That is huge!


Jill said...

YAY!!! Isn't it funny what things get us so excited these days!!! YAY Rawley...what a big boy!

Kristen and David said...

Good job little man! You made your mama a very proud and happy gal! Keep up the good work!

Alisa Cornelison said...

That is a huge blessing!

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog while looking at the Statton's. We sure do miss you guys in Arkansas!
I laughed so much when I read that Rawley went to church in his underwear. It didn't automatically register that this was praise for pottytraining.
Oh, do I remember those days!
I pray that you are doing well.
~Toni Blackwell, Little Rock