Thursday, June 4, 2009

One Proud Mama

I have been in awe of God lately! OK...not that I am not in awe of Him everyday, but this is different...

Most of you know that Bailey is raising support to go to serve as a missionary teaching ESL classes in Udine, Italy for three months in the fall (I did say MONTHS, not WEEKS!). I am so proud of her for hearing God's call and making herself available to it. But as a mom, I must say that it is amazing to see her begin her life heeding God's voice and hearing her respond with "here I am, send me!"

But God has only begun working! She sent out letters a week ago and God has already given Bailey 16% of her needed amount of money! Daily as she opens the mail, we stand with out mouths wide open, tears in our eyes (ok...maybe that's just my eyes, but they are so blurry that it looks like everyone's eyes are moist...), and our praises going out and up to the One who is orchestrating the whole thing!

As believers, we all long for our children to hear His voice and follow immediately. We desire for those we love to live out their faith. Heck, we desire to live out our faith ourselves! But to see your child take that stand, grab onto the hand of God and say "take me where you want me to go"...makes me have my mouth wide open, tears in my eyes, and praising the One who gave her to me and to whom I am giving back for His glory!

I will keep you posted on how God is continuing to bless Bailey! I am a proud mama, and I am pretty sure that this pride is not sinful... :) And, by the way, if you'd like to help her spread the Gospel of Christ to the dead in Italy, then let me know and we can help you be a part of that.


Alisa Cornelison said...

You should be one proud mama! That is so wonderful and amazing that she is answering the call at such a young age. E-mail me how we can send her some support funds -

Amber said...

What an accomplishment! We are so proud of her and can't wait to hear stories of her mission work!