Friday, August 19, 2011

New Normal

Daddy is now living in a memory wing of a nursing home. His room is warm and inviting. He looks terrific. The food is fabulous. There are only six residents currently....and can only be eight total when the rooms are all full.

But it's still not right! Oh! Don't get me wrong. This was the best decision for Daddy and for Mom. She needed rest! Mom was wearing herself out and that wasn't acceptable. But it's still not right.

Years ago, when we were thinking of what life would be like when my parents hit their mid-70's, this was not the "normal" we were thinking of. We didn't contemplate the fact that Daddy would have Alzheimer's and have to live somewhere else. We didn't anticipate having to visit Mom in her home and Daddy in his "home".

So...our idea of "normal" has had to change. It has been a difficult time mentally, for my children and for me. We visit Daddy, and though in general, we don't cry when we leave anymore, we leave with a heavy heart.

Oh, for the day when Daddy gets a new mind and body and is at peace worshipping Jesus! These are the days I am most frustrated with the Adam/Eve saga!

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