Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If You're Not Part of the Solution...You are Part of the Problem

I am pretty famous for my whining and complaining about a variety of things. You know, like people who purposely get in the wrong lane and then try to squeeze over at the last minute...rude people in general...government bureaucracies...lack of organization....well, the list could go on forever!

Most of the time, I just whine and then move on. Only to whine again the next time I encounter the same situation. And to be honest, usually I don't have any recourse or way to change the situation.

Stop for a minute and let me rewind to last August. We had just moved here and I was headed to church to sign up for the local homeschool co-op. I got there a little before 7pm (the start time), watched the "rules video" and then proceeded to fill out paperwork and get the kids signed up for their Friday classes. Sounds simple doesn't it? Shouldn't be too long in the completing should it? HA! You would be wrong about all that "simple", "fast", and "easy" stuff.

In my normal fashion, I complained, moaned, groaned, in general, made my Christian witness very strong and attractive to others (hope you caught the sarcasm there!). The whole process took me THREE hours! There were lines, and I do mean ridiculous lines, to stand in. Many lines...one for preschool kids (which I have), one for older kids (which I also have), one for snack sign up (which I enjoy eating), one for "school" photos (which I really didn't want), one to have my forms looked over to make sure I filled them out correctly (which I couldn't avoid), and then finally the payment line (another non-avoidable line).

I guess I said more than I really should have because pretty soon after co-op started, I was asked to be co-director for this semester! The thought was that maybe I could help fix some of the problems I discovered on registration night. Well, since I usually don't get the opportunity to be part of the solution, I said "yes!" to being co-director.

Fast forward to last night...it was registration night for spring. I had, with tons of Ben's help, put the registration online and people filled it out and emailed it back to me. When they came in, I had their form ready for them. The tables were set up with clear signs so people knew exactly where to go, and lots of information was ready at every table so that most everybody could answer the common questions. There were very short, fast lines! I must say that due to everyone's help, last night was a raving success!

It was great to see where something was and the weaknesses of it and then be privileged to be part of the solution in addressing those weak areas and bringing it to a whole new level. I was honored to work with the team of women who were there last night. They make me better, and as a result, I hope to continue to grow in my witness. Maybe I'll curtail, or dare I say, stop, the whining?

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Melissa Williams said...

I grew up with 2 parents who lived by the motto "If you aren't happy with it, fix it!" They were involved in numerous soccer commitees on lots of levels. They are both leaders and I guess I come by it honestly. I sometimes try not to get involved, (I say I don't want to take someones blessing away), but I end up getting involved anyway...and love every minute of it. I love taking something (in my case Scrap Mania at church) that just needed a little boost and turning it into a wonderful ministry. See, someone had a vision for it, and the Lord sends others to just help the vision along!

Good story Lisa...sorry my comment was a book!!!