Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rawley's Prayer

This morning before we started school, I asked Darby to pray for our day. Then when she was done, Rawley said he wanted to pray also. So we all bowed our heads and this is what was said just exactly like he said it:

Thank you to our world. Keep us all safe. I am working on school, on my numbers. Keep the numbers safe. I have to do it. Mom makes me. Thank you for the tv. Keep it safe. I like to watch it. It's fun. (At this point Rainey chimes in, "say in Jesus' name, amen.) (Then Rawley continues..) I am not going to say in Jesus' name. I am not done yet.

We all laughed and then I helped him end the prayer. It was pretty funny.


Melissa Williams said...

Out of the mouth of babes...don't you know Jesus just smiles. The things kids say are so priceless!

Nathan, Shelly & Kaleigh said...

That is so funny. Keep the numbers safe?! Precious.

Baby Sara's Mom said...

so sweet and cute... his perspective in life right at this moment... it's so cute to hear the things that concerns them about at this age... i still remember before thanksgiving when it was sara's turn to say what she was thankful for it was always "Diego and Dora" and her prayers are pretty funny too, we always go to bed with big smile on our face!

Gregg Stutts said...

I love this, Lisa! Just read it to Robyn, too.