Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ever Had One of Those Days?

So I am halfway through the day and it is hitting me...I am having to discipline several of my children today. The issues are not one-time, single issues, but rather, issues of the heart. It dawns on me...this will take a while.

It's been a hard day...praying, talking, pointing out, redoing, going to Scripture, asking questions...and that was all without having done school, chores, or Bible study! These were just some of the tools for trying to deal with these heart issues that a couple of my children are struggling with.

I don't know why I am surprised at all of this, but it always hits me like it's never happened before. It happens everyday...but usually within me. When it's with me, I can deal directly with God, or my husband :), the Holy Spirit, and then ask for forgiveness from others. With my children, I feel the need to almost become the Holy Spirit for them. I need them to know how to respond to my authority, obey my commands. If they can't obey an authority figure who is visible and will they ever obey an invisible they have to be still and quiet to hear? One they have to have studied to know His character and His will? The answer is they won't.

That spurs me on to do the hard things as a parent. They have to go from my authority to God's and being on their own...physically and spiritually. They can't rest on my faith or my obedience as they grow up. I think that just be realizing that, I have grown up a little bit too.

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Amber said...

We have ALL had one of those days...but probably not with 4 little ones needing discipline at once!