Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Modern Day Job?

Remember Job? I do. God allowed Satan to do his thing in Job's life and was allowed to take all he had except for Job's life. Job had to have gotten completely discouraged and despondent losing his entire family, his home, and his livelihood. Though discouraged and confused about what was happening, Job continued to have faith and trust God. Amazing!

I have a living example of that in my life. My dear friend, Sara, is close to living out Job's life. She and her family have experienced so many trials. Livelihoods have been taken. The next grocery shopping trip and the next rent payment are not taken for granted. They are, once again, causes to praise God and HIS faithfulness.

But they are tired and are getting discouraged and they are confused. Yet through it all, they have faith and trust God that HE is good and knows what is happening.

I am confident that God and Satan have had conversations similar to the one they had with Job and that God actually said, "Have you considered my servant, Sara?" I think that Satan has taken God up on HIS challenge and that Sara and her family are proving God right!

Hang in there, Sara! You are dearly loved and I have never seen God provide in such miraculous ways as HE has with your family.

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