Friday, May 6, 2011

Emotions! Ugh!

I am an emotional gal. I have always been an emotional gal. And I can only assume that I will always be an emtional gal.

I hate it!

I was able to meet with two sweet gals yesterday. They are gals who were in our Sunday School class in Little Rock....I love them dearly. We were talking about homeschooling and our lives and our children....and our husbands. It was just regular conversation. Nothing spectacular. Nothing earth-shattering.

So after a terrific time of chatting, catching up, and seeing babies I hadn't met yet, what do I do?

I cry! All the way home, I cried! Ridiculous...yet, there was something in that mundane, everyday conversation that made me miss them so much. Made me miss the relationship we had when we saw each other at least weekly.

I am emotional and I hate it!


Sara Hull said...

The emotional Lisa is the one we all love so much! That is what makes you able to love as you do! Admittedly we don't have to live with your end of the deal, but I for one am so glad God made you the way He did! And I know there are many more like me in this respect!

Anonymous said...

You are REAL-you actually ALLOW yourself to have feelings not fluff!!! I admire YOU!

Legman said...

There are times when I get all teary-eyed. It's as though there is "stuff" that is just to powerful to keep inside.

When I listen to the music of Ray Charles I know I am gonna cry. When I think of the people that I have treated badly I become close to tears.

When I sit at the kitchen table and stare out the window at the beauty around me...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I am taking medication for depression. And sometimes I know that the over the top emotions are because of it.

The world is so beautiful and I am so lucky to be able to enjoy it.