Sunday, November 13, 2011

Good Eats

Yesterday was a great day for me to cook up a storm! It makes me happy to be in the kitchen cooking for my family and creating things that I think they will like.

On Pinterest, I found a recipe (you can hardly call it a recipe)....but you take canned cinnamon rolls and put four of them in a waffle iron and leave them for 2-3 minutes. They become what I call...cinnaffles. Rawley loved his! Well, they all did and were gone faster than I have seen them eat anything in a long time!

The other recipe I found on Pinterest was for gingerbread cupcakes. They are so good! The gingerbread is not sweet, which is a nice change from so many cupcakes. The sweet comes from the frosting, which has my favorite spices...a bit of cinnamon and allspice. It's a cream cheese based frosting, and oh! so yummy!

I also made a creamy tortellini soup that my family enjoyed as well.

It was a good day, Tater!


-Survivor or something like it said...

Great food ideas. I have a 15 year old that has not outgrown fun food. I will have to try these! And I love easy. ;)

MegansBeadedDesigns said...

yumm, those sound delicious! said...

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KatieZimm said...

Please help me! How did you get the fabric looking stuff on the sides of the body of your blog? They are red and yellowish. I can't figure out CSS and HTML... please PLEASE help!

Ryan Brown said...

I have to try gingerbread cupcakes. I love your blog and added a link on my blog. Was hoping you could do the same. I look forward to reading more.