Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our Traditions

I was asked to speak at MOPS this morning on the traditions that our family does. It was such a privilege to be asked to do that. Of course, having family traditions is one of my most favorite things, so it was easy to talk about. I thought I would publish the list of traditions that I shared with the group.

Trip to LR to be with friends
Black Friday shopping
Christmas PJ’s
Christmas in July
Cinnamon rolls
Straw manger
12 Days of Christmas
Friends of the kids for Christmas cookie decorating
Operation Christmas Child boxes
New Year’s:
Blessing box
Globes of gratefulness
Valentine’s Day:
Books on the kids’ placemats at breakfast
Longaberger baskets
Barbarian Night
Saturday Night Ice Cream Night
Birthdays: any meals they want
Restaurant of choice for lunch
No chores
No school
½ birthdays
American Idol each week as a family
Animal school
I love you first game
Ben cooking lunch each Sunday after church
Passport 2 Purity weekend
Girls get ears pierced at age 8


Jennifer said...

I love all the traditions! Since having kids of our own, DJ and I have been starting our own family traditions. Some have even been passed down from when we were kids. Just love all the family time you get with traditions!

Mary Grace Biggs said...

Ok I was looking at some older post and I saw one of your traditions and it was: Black Friday Shopping. OHMYGOSH! Is it fun? I've always wanted to go but recently (After a woman sprayed sprayer everywhere) I've been slightly nervous about shopping on Black Friday.