Thursday, December 3, 2009

For When I am Weak, Then I am Strong

My daddy has Alzheimers. I hate that! I hate that he gets angry because he knows that he doesn't know something that he used to know. But more than hating it, it makes me very sad...

Daddy was always my SuperMan! He could do anything. He could fix anything. He knew so much about so much. He is the most gentle man I know. I have never heard him raise his voice ever. He has a great sense of humor. He loves his family more than life itself. He has followed Jesus since he was a little boy. I have always been proud to say that Doug Burgess is my daddy.

Life is changing for all of us because of his Alzheimers. He gets confused on where he is. He can't find the words to say. He gets more and more uncomfortable around too many people. (and the number of "too many" is getting smaller and smaller every day)

His mind is getting more and more fogged over. That is hard to watch. The fog lifts right now for long periods and then suddenly it settles back again; but we all know the day is coming when the fog doesn't lift, but will get thicker and denser. The day that daddy doesn't recognize me is going to be, up to that point, the most painful day of my life. I know it's coming. I know God has a plan for all of us in this. I know that in Heaven, daddy will have the clearest mind and the strongest body!

I'm glad that when we are weak, then Jesus is strong! Because daddy is getting weaker, so I can rest in the promise that Jesus is getting stronger and stronger in him. Praise God!

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Anonymous said...

Lisa, I am sad for your Daddy's illness too! Thank you so much for showing me what haveing grace in the face of adveristy looks like! Thank you Jesus for my friend Lisa. Thank You for making both of us stronger.