Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sad, Sad Day

We found out some sad news the other day....another couple we have known since we got married is divorcing.

This couple lived right next door to us in our first house.

Our husbands were both in the Air Force and we lived on base.

They have been married two weeks longer than we had.

We both got dogs at the same time...theirs lasted in their family longer than ours did :).

We went together and purchased a picnic table to put between our houses so that we could share meals together when the weather was nice.

We ate at each other's homes at least once a week.

We went out together as couples to dinner, movies, shopping, etc...

We shared each other's first year anniversary wedding cake. The top of the cake that had been frozen for the first year.

Our first children were born within months of each other.

They were even in Little Rock when we moved there. She and I would go once a month or so to lunch and catch up and enjoy each other's company.

Why are they quitting? It is devastatingly sad to me. What struggles did they face that we haven't faced? Why have they allowed divorce to even be an option? I am sad for me...sad for their kids...and sad for them.

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Kristen and David said...

That makes me sick. I am so sorry for you and for them. Breaks my heart to see couples giving up like that, thinking their lives will be better after all the dust settles...the years it takes for the dust to settle. I hate divorce, especially like that. I'm with you sister.