Saturday, February 26, 2011


I was watching some of my kids yesterday and began smiling and feeling quite contented. Why? Because I was watching them pursue things that was a creative outlet for them. Ben and I both have our creative outlets...they manifest themselves very differently.

Ben is exact, detailed, anal (some would say ) :). You can find him drawing doodles, but they are more technically correct doodles. He also loves to make the AWANA Grand Prix cars. But....he puts in dozens of hours (could be hundreds of hours), making sure the details he wants are perfect. His creations are beautiful!

I love to cook and bake. I love trying new things and seeing a bunch of regular ingredients on my counter become something truly delicious. I also have begun to enjoy going to the Paint With A Twist and try my hand at painting. I would never classify myself as a painter, but I realize when I am there, that I am happy and content and I can get lost in my painting.

Yesterday I had my oldest daughter in the dining room with my table completely covered with things to make invitations to her party. These creations are gorgeous! Each one is a piece of art in itself. She also has an eye for interior design and decorating. She can move one piece and voila! the whole room looks different.

My second daughter was outside refinishing a chair that we got for free. She has glued it back together, sanded it, and has now repainted it. Next she has to recover the seat and it's done. She also has an eye for fashion and style. She can put the most different pieces together and all of a sudden, you want to wear what she is wearing!

My third daughter loves crafts and working with all sorts of things...beads, paint, any artwork. She is constantly re-organizing her craft area and room (which I think is very creative in and of itself). She has an eye for fun! She enjoys the pleasure of doing something new.

My boys, so far, are all boys. Haven't seen too much in them, but they are little still. I can imagine that they will discover their own creative heart in a few years.

Creativity is just one more way I connect with God. In my creative endeavors, I can get the smallest of tastes of the joy that God feels in creating. I can get the tiniest of inklings of the pleasure that God gets in creating. I can get the infinitesimal of ideas of how God loves HIS creations.

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